Judge acknowledges racist, sexist Web comments, withdraws from race

Arkansas Times | Blue Hog Report

Judge Mike Maggio withdrew from a race for the Arkansas Court of Appeals after acknowledging he’d posted sexist, racist and homophobic comments on a website, Max Brantley reported Wednesday.

Maggio posted under the name “geauxjudge” on a message board called, sharing musings on topics like “rodeo sex,” someone who was “black by injection” and “Why do two men get their weiners cut off to them date each other.”

Matt Campbell compiled a dossier of Maggio’s postings, triangulating personal information he mentioned in his comments with facts about Maggio. In his statement acknowledging the postings, Maggio decried “the politics of personal destruction.” Read more


Study says quality of content is down at


A Tulane University study says the quality of content has declined at since the Times-Picayune decreased print frequency, Dean Starkman writes. The study, on which Starkman consulted, looked at “hard” and “soft” news (including opinion pieces) in the printed paper and online.

While “the 2013 version of the printed Times-Picayune is not terribly different from its predecessor in terms of the type of stories covered,” Starkman writes, the stuff on its digital products “was more likely to be about lighter subjects such as sports and entertainment, as opposed to politics, education, courts and other traditional core newspaper beats.”

Nola Media Group Editor and Vice-President for Content Jim Amoss told Starkman the study’s methodology “doesn’t begin to provide a statistically valid measure of ‘soft’ versus ‘hard’ news” online. Read more


New Orleans newspaper war: Now with TV partnerships!

The Advocate |

Louisiana’s Advocate newspaper announced a partnership with New Orleans CBS affiliate WWL-TV Tuesday. Why’s that significant? The Advocate says it’s because the two entities will share sports, weather and investigative reporting. Those are all great reasons, but that last content vertical is especially tantalizing for people obsessed with Louisiana newsgathering, because two of WWL’s investigative reporters are former employees of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, with which the Advocate is locked in an escalating newspaper war.

• David Hammer left the Picayune for WWL-TV last June after the paper announced it would reduce print frequency and staff (since then, the Times-Picayune has increased print frequency again). Read more

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Times-Picayune says circulation is up since it cut staff, print frequency

On the New Orleans radio show “Out to Lunch” Monday, business manager David Francis said The Times-Picayune’s print circulation has gone up since it cut print frequency. “I will tell you that we’ve been pleasantly pleased with what we’ve seen since Oct. 1. when we launched the three-day-a-week newspaper,” he told host Peter Ricchiuti.

We’ve seen a significant growth on the online side … But also from a circulation standpoint the passion you talked about for the paper, in the 175 years we’ve been producing it, has resulted in actually an increase in our circulation. So those who were concerned about what this may mean to the community in terms of the local content they were used to getting from the Times-Picayune have found themselves embracing us again.

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