Why NPR spent Super Bowl 50 tweeting football haikus

Super Bowl 50:From start to end — in haiku.Want to play along? Just use #SuperBowlHaiku — NPR (@NPR) February 7, 2016 If you kept an eye on your second screen last night during Super Bowl 50, at some point, a haiku or two might have crossed your Twitter stream. Read More

ESPN’s The Undefeated will launch in 2016

After a series of setbacks that included the ousting of founding editor Jason Whitlock, ESPN's site focusing on the intersection of race and sports is primed for a launch in 2016. That's according to Kevin Merida, the former Washington Post managing editor who left his post late last year to replace Whitlock at the helm of The Undefeated. Read More

Michele Norris is leaving NPR

Two years after rejoining NPR, Michele Norris is vacating her slot as a host and special correspondent at the public radio network, NPR news chief Michael Oreskes announced Thursday. Norris, who was formerly a host of "All Things Considered," has been with the network for 13 years, according to a memo addressed to NPR staffers from Oreskes. During her … Read More

NPR and The New York Times teamed up to make election reporting faster

Although its monopoly on election night race calls has weakened in recent years, The Associated Press is still the authority when it's time to tell America who won (and who lost) an election. That's why journalists are bound to pay attention when The AP changes the way it distributes race calls and polling returns to its network of subscribers. Read More

NPR is building an analytics bot that emphasizes caring over clicks

Carebot, a forthcoming tool from NPR, aims to help journalists figure out how much their audiences care about their work. Pictured above is a proposed day in the life of a journalist working with Carebot to think about his/her work. (Photo credit: NPR)(Photo credit: Brian Boyer, NPR) For years, journalists have railed against pageviews and uniques, twin metrics that … Read More

How NPR cut its page load time in half

Last week, NPR implemented changes that make its pages load twice as fast. The site has gone from average page load times of 6.5 to 8 seconds to 3.5 to 4 seconds. On Tuesday, NPR's Patrick Cooper and Justin Bachorik wrote about the changes and offered tips to other Web developers on speeding things up. Here's … Read More

How news organizations are using The List App to reclaim the listicle

Several news organizations have joined "The List App," which debuted earlier this month. Pop quiz: Which of these shows is produced by NPR? "This American Life" "99% Invisible" "Radiolab" "Prairie Home Companion" The answer? None of them, even though each program airs on public radio stations. Of course, you'd already know this if you followed NPR on The List App, … Read More

Seeking to bring context to politics, NPR launches fact-checking feature

Acknowledging what will undoubtedly become a major theme of 2016 campaign coverage, NPR on Thursday launched "Break It Down," a regular feature devoted to fact-checking comments made by politicians including the massive field of presidential hopefuls. The first edition, which opened with a hip-hop beat and a remix of Ronald Reagan's now-famous rebuke to Jimmy Carter ("There you … Read More

NPR news chief condemns Pentagon guidelines governing treatment of journalists

Michael Oreskes, the senior vice president for news and editorial director at NPR, has drafted a letter objecting to guidelines regarding the treatment of journalists in the Pentagon's new Law of War manual, calling its guidance "contrary to some basic principles of journalism ethics." In the letter, which is addressed to Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, Oreskes condemns passages from … Read More

Why Gene Demby considered quitting NPR

Gene Demby covers race for NPR as part of its Code Switch team, and the job has been wearying since protests in Ferguson, Missouri, put the issue back on the front burner last summer. A nation with a frequently short attention span remains very much immersed in the complex and frustrating reality of race relations and related issues, including … Read More

NPR Visuals is trying to reduce the effects of privilege while hiring

Recently, NPR Visuals announced that they would allow applicants to resend cover letters for their fall internship positions. They felt that their hiring process had not been a level playing field for everyone. The issue of diversity has been a topic of constant discussion within the journalism community. While BuzzFeed has tried to come up with an … Read More

NPR standards guru: You shouldn't say 'a**hole' on a podcast

NPR In a public memo to staffers Thursday, NPR Standards and Practices Editor Mark Memmott admonished the network's journalists to use the same standards for offensive language on podcasts that they would over the air. The guidance was in response to a question from journalists in NPR's New York bureau, who asked whether it was OK to "call … Read More

Melissa Block, leaving 'All Things Considered' after more than a decade, on what's next

Block. (Photo courtesy NPR) Melissa Block, the globe-trotting journalist who has anchored NPR's "All Things Considered" for more than 12 years, announced Monday that she's leaving the flagship news program to become a special correspondent for the network. We asked Block, who has been at NPR for 30 years, to reflect via email on her time as host, the … Read More

NPR corrects: the Battle of Waterloo wasn't today

NPR A recent story from NPR explaining what Napoleon's men ate while on the warpath carries the following correction: An earlier version of this story stated that Napolean called the Breakfast Conference on June 18, 2015. In fact, it was 1815. The Breakfast Conference, as the NPR story explains, was a meeting called by Napoleon wherein the commander explained … Read More

'PBS NewsHour,' NPR unite for election coverage

PBS NewsHour Two of America's most prominent public media organizations announced Tuesday that they will join forces to cover the 2016 political conventions. NPR and "PBS NewsHour," the flagship nightly news broadcast of PBS, will work together to cover the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention. The two organizations will pool their reportorial muscle to … Read More