This week on Medium: 6 media stories you may have missed

Links shared in Poynter's internal Slack channel are quite frequently from Medium and almost always about journalism and media (although sometimes not.) So this week, we're trying something new and gathering them up here. Throughout the week, let me know what you're reading on Medium and we'll try to include it next Friday, if we try this again. Read More

NPR: Before you write a correction — or correct that correction — notify the author

NPR On Thursday, we pointed out a variety of correction rarely glimpsed in the wild: a correction-correction-clarification. Clarification May 21, 2015 In a previous correction on this post, we corrected something that was actually correct. So we have corrected that correction. It had to do with Celsius temperatures. NPR deserves plaudits for the abundance of transparency demonstrated above. Read More

NPR publishes Holy Grail of corrections

NPR Since I started on this beat nearly a year ago, I've seen a lot of corrections. Some are funny, some are morbid and some seem obvious in retrospect. But NPR on Thursday published something I've never witnessed before — the seldom-seen correction-correction-clarification. Clarification May 21, 2015 In a previous correction on this post, we corrected something … Read More

NPR ombud: Hosts shouldn't plug their own books on air

NPR The long-standing routine of NPR employees using the network's airtime to discuss their own books has got to stop, NPR ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen wrote Thursday. NPR hosts, correspondents, producers and contributors write an awful lot of books, many of them eagerly anticipated by listeners who turn them into bestsellers. But I believe NPR should not routinely help … Read More

'The audience is going to demand it': Why good visuals matter

Kainaz Amaria and Imaeyen Ibanga are the type of extroverted, vibrant people who can win over a room within minutes. But they find it frustrating when they and their visual colleagues aren’t included in the room at all, especially as editorial decisions are being made. Amaria, NPR's picture editor, and Ibanga, a multi-platform producer at NBC News, were both part … Read More

NPR editor: Don't call looters 'protesters'

NPR When referring to individuals who have committed crimes in Baltimore, don't describe them as "protesters," NPR Standards and Practices Editor Mark Memmott wrote Tuesday. Reports from Baltimore indicate that some people are taking advantage of the situation to lash out at authorities or to grab what they can from businesses. Those are not just protesters in the … Read More

NPR standards editor voices disapproval of Affleck episode on PBS

NPR An episode of PBS' "Finding Your Roots" that glossed over the slave-owning heritage of movie star Ben Affleck is not in keeping with standards at NPR, Standards and Practices Editor Mark Memmott wrote Wednesday. Let’s keep this simple: The people we interview, the sources we use and the supporters who give us money do not shape or … Read More

NPR editors: Chuy broadcast did not meet our standards

NPR An episode of the NPR-distributed program "Latino USA" that focused on the campaign of Chicago mayoral candidate Jesus "Chuy" Garcia did not meet standards of fairness and completeness, the public radio network's editors said Friday. The editors raised a number of concerns about the hourlong program, which aired four days before the runoff election between Garcia and … Read More

Inside NPR's podcasting strategy

NPR's headquarters in Washington, D.C. In January, months after "Serial" rocketed to the top of the iTunes podcasting charts and ignited a conversation about the "Golden Age of Audio," NPR was preparing to answer with a hit of its own. The show had spent more than a year in development. For its launch, staffers used every bit of … Read More

NPR editor: be careful using 'suicide' in Germanwings case

NPR Mark Memmott, standards and practices editor at NPR, gave journalists there two reasons to be cautious of the word "suicide" to describe the death of Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of a Germanwings flight who may have purposefully forced the plane down: — His motivation and state of mind aren’t known (and may never be). – The investigation … Read More

NPR updates ethics policy after ombud raises political advocacy questions

NPR NPR has revised its ethics code to describe which staffers it covers after network ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen raised questions about host Diane Rehm's attendance at fundraising dinners for the right-to-die movement. Jensen explained the update in a new post: The changes follow the debate sparked when The Washington Post reported that Diane Rehm, the host … Read More

Career Beat: Kevin Krolicki named Washington bureau chief at Reuters

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community: Kevin Krolicki has been named Washington bureau chief at Reuters. Previously, he was Japan bureau chief there. (Poynter) Michael Oreskes is now senior vice president of news and editorial director at NPR. Previously, he was vice president and senior managing editor of The Associated Press. (Poynter) Amy … Read More

Michael Oreskes named senior vice president of news at NPR

NPR CEO Jarl Mohn on Thursday appointed Michael Oreskes to senior vice president of news and editorial director, according to a press release from NPR. Oreskes, currently vice president and senior managing editor of The Associated Press, will begin at NPR in late April, according to the release. Oreskes replaces Chris Turpin, who was named interim senior vice president … Read More

Karen Everhart discusses recent changes at NPR

Karen Everhart, Managing editor of Current, the newspaper and website about public and nonprofit media in the U.S., was recently at the Poynter Institute for the Effective Editor seminar and we talked about the state of public media. In this clip, Everhart talks about recent changes at NPR that including the hiring of a new President … Read More

Which news organizations let their reporters swear?

NPR standards editor Mark Memmott issued a terse reminder this morning — packaged with a wry headline — to bleep out swear words in their entirety: If a word needs to be bleeped, no part of it should be heard. We don’t try to give listeners a hint by including a bit of the word’s start or end. The post, … Read More