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In move toward online civility, Bakersfield, Yuma, Lewiston shift commenting strategies

In the days since President Obama called for “a more civil and honest public discourse,” leaders across the country have vowed to make America kinder and more tolerant. Members of Congress -- many of whom chose bipartisan seatmates for the State of the Union -- spoke of limiting acrimony in Washington. The nation’s mayors signed a “civility accord” … Read More
POYNTER creates "reader engagement index" to track site performance

Nieman Journalism Lab For the past two months, has been using a seven-part formula to create what its staff calls a reader "engagement index." Lois Beckett writes that the formula is designed to gauge reader interest and participation in the site's content, not simply page views or visits. The equation looks a bit intimidating —  "Σ(Ci + … Read More

Do community managers serve the community or the business?

Social Media Explorer As media companies create new titles like "community manager," "social media editor" and "director of engagement," Jordan Cooper asks whether the people in those positions report to the community or the business. He says they are ultimately responsible to the business and its objectives but suggests there is an inherent tension that should be part … Read More