Osama bin Laden death


Osama bin Laden was reading Bob Woodward? It’s not news to Woodward.

Journalist Bob Woodward's book, "Obama's Wars." (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)One of our most fabled journalists was not exactly surprised Wednesday with disclosure of declassified government documents that touched on the reading habits of Osama bin Laden. It included word that at the time of the U.S. raid on his Pakistan compound in 2011, books in bin Laden’s bedroom included … Read More

NYTer: It was strange to read my bin Laden obit

Columbia Journalism Review Kate Zernike finished it in November of 2001. "In many ways, it was strange for me [to read it on Monday], because I was reading it as a regular reader. I did wonder, 'Does this stand up to the test of time?' ...The lede was largely my lede, because I remember writing it." … Read More