Paresh Jha


Hearst editor acknowledges New Canaan News still searching for fabricated stories

Ashley Varese does not want to talk about Paresh Jha. Varese is the editor of the New Canaan News, a small weekly paper owned by Hearst that last week admitted fired staff reporter Jha is one of the worst serial fabricators in recent journalistic history. The paper's statement about Jha, published online late Friday afternoon, reported that Jha … Read More

Hearst serial fabricator Paresh Jha may have made up more stories than Stephen Glass

The New Canaan News recently announced that fired staff writer Paresh Jha repeatedly fabricated sources and quotes in at least 25 stories. The weekly paper also declared that any "stories found to contain fabricated material have been removed from the newspaper's web site." But at least one Jha story still on the site appears to have been completely fabricated. With … Read More

Fabricator Paresh Jha likely made up entire articles, not just sources

What are the odds that none of four U.S. college students quoted in an news article are on Facebook? And that not a single one of their last names shows up in White Pages listings for people in the town they and their parents supposedly live in? And that Google searches for the names of the students and their parents … Read More