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Potential new buyer for Philly papers emerges | The Washington Post | Philadelphia Magazine

There’s a potential buyer for the embattled, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News, according to a report out yesterday from

“The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia declined to reveal the potential buyer, but said the party is interested in purchasing the entire company or a majority stake from parent company Interstate General Media, whose owners include wealthy New Jersey businessman Lewis Katz and powerful South Jersey Democrat George Norcross,” the reports reads.

The news follow a suit and countersuit filed by Katz and Norcross and a tangle of other developments, including the firing of editor Bill Marimow. And it comes as the papers appear to be on the edge of profitability again. Yesterday, Joel Mathis wrote in Philadelphia Magazine that rumors of profitability had been brewing for a while, but “confirmation of a sorts emerged Tuesday, as part of an explanation from Bill Ross, executive director of the Newspaper Guild, as to why the guild had publicized its bid to buy out one or all of IGM’s warring owners.”… Read more


Next dispute in Inquirer lawsuit: Philly or Delaware

The Philadelphia Inquirer | Associated Press | WHYY

Judge Patricia A. McInerney of the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas will listen to arguments next week about whether a lawsuit among the owners of Philadelphia’s newspapers should be heard in Philadelphia or Delaware.

The lawsuit concerns the firing of former Inquirer Editor Bill Marimow, whose lawyer told reporters “some have chosen to smear.” Among the attendees at the hearing was Dan Biddle, who the Associated Press reports “was among five veteran editors that [Publisher Robert] Hall wanted fired.” Marimow reportedly refused to fire several employees whom Hall wanted gone.… Read more

Philadelphia Newspapers Bankruptcy

The mess at Philadelphia’s newspapers: A timeline of recent events

The co-owners of The Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Daily News are giving their reporters lots to write about with a lawsuit in response to another lawsuit in response to a firing  – OK. Wait. Let’s just stop for a moment and take a look back in time at where this all began.

October 8, 2010: Bill Marimow loses his job as editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The paper’s owners told Marimow “he did not have the background in digital media necessary to lead the paper going forward,” Christoper K. Hepp reports at the time. Stan Wischnowski is named acting editor.

April 2, 2012: A group of local bigs buys the Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and The new owners say they will “sign a pledge supporting the newsroom’s independence, after questions about interference arose over coverage of the sale,” Poynter reports.… Read more

William Marimow

Bill Marimow will leave Philadelphia Inquirer

Editor Bill Marimow will leave The Philadelphia Inquirer, a source at the newspaper tells Poynter. Marimow and Publisher Bob Hall had a “difference in philosophical vision in the direction of the paper,” the source says. The newsroom was scheduled to learn of Marimow’s departure this afternoon, the source said. There’s no timetable yet for Marimow’s departure.

An email from Hall to staffers said Stan Wischnowski, who replaced Marimow after the first time the Inquirer let him go in 2010, would be “acting editor.” Jim Romenesko also got the memo and updated his story to say he’d heard Marimow was refusing to leave the building. WHYY senior reporter Dave Davies writes that Hall “instructed Marimow to fire at least two veteran staff members at the newspaper, and that he refused on principle, precipitating his own dismissal.” Davies also says the leaders of Interstate General Media, which bought the Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News last year, “are divided on the question of Marimow’s leadership and other issues.”… Read more


Politico, Philadelphia Inquirer & The Wrap all launch redesigns

Politico has chosen two new typefaces “designed specifically for newsprint’s narrow column measures,” its editors write in a note about its print product’s new look.

These new fonts, which are slightly more condensed than the old ones, will allow for more photographs and information graphics on inside pages. And Escrow will allow the paper to fully embrace S-E-Q-U-E-S-T-R-A-T-I-O-N in headlines.

Image courtesy the Newseum
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Inquirer editor protests cuts to opinion pages

WHYY | Maynard Institute

Philadelphia Inquirer editorial page editor Harold Jackson wrote contributors, asking them to protest a decision to cut op-ed pages from the paper. Daniel Denvir reported last week that such a move was in the works.

Jackson’s email, WHYY’s Elizabeth Fiedler reports, says the plan “not only does a disservice to the greater Philadelphia community, but represents a reduction in the status of one of America’s largest cities.” He asked contributors to email the owners of Interstate General Media, which owns The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News, to protest.

IGM gave Fiedler the same statement it emailed Poynter over the weekend, saying the Inquirer’s editorial decisions “are only at the discretion and direction of the Publisher Bob Hall and/or Editor Bill Marimow.” The statement continued:… Read more


Philly Inquirer reportedly cutting opinion pages

Philadelphia City Paper | Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Inquirer will cut its opinion section to one page next month, sources at the paper tell Daniel Denvir. Denvir’s sources tell him the purported move is a reaction to a survey that “found that readers think the Inquirer is ‘biased.’ Cutting down on opinion is the supposed remedy.”, an online portal the Inquirer shares with the Philadelphia Daily News (though both have their own premium sites as well) has a stable of opinion bloggers. announced in May that Pennsylvania’s governor would be one of them, but his sole contribution so far appears to be a Q&A with him, his wife and an unidentified questioner.

“The Saturday opinion section was quietly eliminated months ago,” Denvir writes.… Read more


Knight gives $345,000 to Philadelphia media incubator

Knight Foundation | Knight Blog | Philadelphia

The Knight Foundation is putting $345,000 into Project Liberty, a digital media incubator housed in the headquarters of Interstate General Media, which owns The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and

Knight “supported the initial launch,” its release says; clients at the incubator “receive access to, and as a platform for launching their new products.”

Knight’s press release says “has incorporated several innovations from current and former incubator residents.”… Read more


Tensions reportedly grow between and Philly newspapers

Philadelphia City Paper “is increasingly competing against the dailies’ newsrooms with its own writers,” Daniel Denvir writes. The website, like The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News, is owned by Interstate General Media and shares content with both, but the newspapers’ sites are premium and is free.

Lexie Norcross, the daughter of IGM’s George Norcross, runs, and under her leadership the site has “sometimes tested the limits of journalistic norms,” Denvir writes.

Some of Denvir’s examples: “In May, posted a disclaimer next to an Inquirer business column — seemingly at the request of an advertiser”; there was the whole business of giving the governor a column; and Lexie Norcross, he writes, tweeted in support of Cory Booker.… Read more

Tom Corbett

Pennsylvania’s governor will write column for

The Philadelphia Inquirer |

Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett will have a regular space on’s “New Voices” platform, the company announced Thursday. He’ll produce “photo essays, videos and columns, highlighting the Governor’s perspective in addressing state issues of importance to Philadelphians,” the announcement says.

Pennsylvania’s next gubernatorial election is scheduled for 2014, and Corbett will be able to run for reelection. His inaugural column is a soft-focus Q&A with him and his wife, Susan Corbett.

So, uh, how’s that going over in the newsrooms associated with, which like The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News is owned by Interstate General Media, and some of whose content appears on (The company launched pay sites last month, but remains free.)… Read more

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