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Tensions reportedly grow between and Philly newspapers

Philadelphia City Paper "is increasingly competing against the dailies' newsrooms with its own writers," Daniel Denvir writes. The website, like The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News, is owned by Interstate General Media and shares content with both, but the newspapers' sites are premium and is free.

Lexie Norcross, the daughter of IGM's George Norcross, runs, and under her leadership the site has "sometimes tested the limits of journalistic norms," Denvir writes.

Some of Denvir's examples: "In May, posted a disclaimer next to an Inquirer business column — seemingly at the request of an advertiser"; there was the whole business of giving the governor a column; and Lexie Norcross, he writes, tweeted in support of Cory Booker. (more...)
Tom Corbett

Pennsylvania’s governor will write column for

The Philadelphia Inquirer |
Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett will have a regular space on's "New Voices" platform, the company announced Thursday. He'll produce "photo essays, videos and columns, highlighting the Governor’s perspective in addressing state issues of importance to Philadelphians," the announcement says.

Pennsylvania's next gubernatorial election is scheduled for 2014, and Corbett will be able to run for reelection. His inaugural column is a soft-focus Q&A with him and his wife, Susan Corbett.

So, uh, how's that going over in the newsrooms associated with, which like The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News is owned by Interstate General Media, and some of whose content appears on (The company launched pay sites last month, but remains free.) (more...)
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Photos of Philadelphia Inquirer newsroom show challenges, determination | Wired
Photographer Will Steacy grew up in a family of newspapermen, so his latest project has special resonance with journalists struggling with the progression from print to digital media. The son of former Philadelphia Inquirer national/foreign editor Tom Steacy, the writer and artist four years ago decided to start shooting the metamorphosis of that newspaper, as depicted in his completed photo essay, Deadline.
Courtesy Will Steacy
The project focuses on the cutbacks and layoffs brought on by the Inquirer's circulation declines, numerous ownership changes and 2009 bankruptcy, as illustrated by the paper's move from its 87-year-old Tower of Truth at 400 N Broad to the third floor of a former Strawbridge's department store on Market Street near Chinatown. The essay even includes images memorializing Steacy's father's empty desk after he was laid off in 2011. (more...)

Philadelphia Inquirer & the Daily News launch pay sites | Philadelphia Magazine | News & Tech
Philadelphia's newspapers launched subscription sites Monday: and, which will continue to feature content from both papers, will remain free.

The sites are strictly membership-only, Interstate General Media spokesperson Mark Block tells Poynter in an email. Content on those sites is available, he writes, if:

a.) you are a Daily News single copy customer and receive your access code each day in the Daily News for b.) you are a home delivery subscriber to the Daily News (for access to or Inquirer (for access to
"The membership websites will further Interstate General Media’s commitment to serving both newspapers’ loyal readers and re-ignite their relationship with the people of Philadelphia," a story introducing them says. Memberships are available via a "Subscriber Concierge." (more...)

Daily paper guaranteed for two years in deal between Philly owners, Guild

The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia | Philadelphia Inquirer
The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia and Interstate General Media have struck a tentative agreement that will keep the presses running daily in Philly for the next two years. In a post describing the deal, the Guild says members will take a 2.5 percent pay cut, but there will be no layoffs in the contract's first year. Also, the company will begin "an annual employee review program, in order to give feedback to employees on their job performance."

Publisher Robert Hall told the Inquirer's Mike Armstrong that IGM "should be profitable this year" if the agreement is ratified. A vote is scheduled for next week. (more...)

Philadelphia group launches campaign to save newspapers

The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia | | Philadelphia Inquirer
A group called Save Philadelphia Newspapers has launched a petition drive "in support of the papers and the journalists and other workers who produce it," a notice from the group on the Philly Guild page says.
The coalition, whose slogan is, "A Great City Needs Great Newspapers" is responding both to the threat on the part of the new owners of the papers, IGM, to "liquidate" them if their demands are not met and to IGM's efforts to replace established journalists with younger, inexperienced, and less costly replacements. Members of the coalition were moved to act when, even after the Newspaper Guild agreed to the requested $7.1 million reduction in compensation to its members, IGM demand the right to fire long established writers at the newspapers.
"[I]magine opening up your paper and reading an article about politics written by a new arrival to our city who doesn’t know the difference between Frank Rizzo and John Street," reads a post on Save Philadelphia Newspapers' website. "Or an article on the Phillies by a kid fresh out of college who doesn’t know the difference between Mike Schmidt and the Philly Phanatic."

Petitioner comments include:
  • "The problem of our misinformed public will not be solved by less experienced reporters being paid less"
  • "A daily newspaper is a prerequisite for a healthy democracy."
  • "The printed press is the only resource to really get the news. The crap on cable is biased rhetoric for both sides. The Inquirer gives clear unbiased reporting along with opinions from all across the political spectrum."
"Further actions are planned," says the group. (more...)
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Philly Guild, owners find room to negotiate

The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia and Interstate General Media "agreed to begin early bargaining on a new contract," Guild Executive Director Bill Ross and Acting President Howard Gensler tell members in an email. The agreement came during "a productive meeting" Thursday morning.

IGM owns the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and Its owners had demanded $8 million in concessions from the union or would begin liquidating the company, the Guild said last Friday. Guild President Dan Gross resigned Wednesday after he said he was taking a buyout from the Daily News.

If the parties can't come to an agreement or if the Guild's members don't approve an agreement, the Guild says, "our existing contract stays in effect until it expires in October."

Daniel Denvir published an account of the news organizations' struggles' in Philadelphia City Paper Thursday, looking at "questionable editorial choices" and some newsroom sniping about Inquirer Editor Bill Marimow.

Former Sun columnist Mike Littwin, according to sources, infuriated Marimow by writing a union memo critical of management. Littwin came to Marimow’s office and told him, “Bill, it isn’t personal.” Marimow opened a copy of The Godfather and pointed out the passage where Michael Corleone says, “Don’t let anybody kid you. It’s all personal.” Littwin was transferred soon thereafter; he filed a grievance and won a settlement, sources say.
Here's the Guild memo: (more...)

Guild head resigns as Philly news orgs face growing turmoil

Philadelphia Inquirer | Philadelphia
Daily News reporter Dan Gross is taking a buyout from the paper and will also resign as head of the union that represents workers at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and, Mike Armstrong reports. His resignation from the union is effective immediately; he leaves the paper Feb. 1.

"It would not be prudent, nor fair to the membership for me to . . . take part in any meetings or conversations with Interstate General Media about a future for which I will not be around," Gross said in the statement.

"...My decision was not based on fear, but on opportunity. Taking time to explore alternative career interests is what was the right choice for me and my family."
Gross' departure comes amid growing turmoil at the Philadelphia news organizations. Last week the Guild said new owners Interstate General Media had threatened to liquidate or sell the assets if it couldn't come to an agreement with its unions. (On Friday and again today, an IGM spokesperson declined to comment when I contacted the company.) (more...)
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Guild: Owners say they may liquidate or sell Philly papers this month

The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia
Interstate General Media says it will "liquidate or sell" assets including the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Daily News and next week "if it does not reach tentative agreements with all of its unions, including the Newspaper Guild," the Guild's Dan Gross and Bill Ross write in a blog post.

Federal law requires companies with more than 100 employees to give 60 calendar days' notice before undertaking mass layoffs; a check of Pennsylvania's WARN database shows no such notices from IGM in November or December. (more...)

Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News will launch separate paywalled sites

The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News will split from in early 2013, Meg Heckman reports. general manager Steve Alessi tells Heckman the new sites will have paywalls.

All three entities are owned by Interstate General Media, which purchased them in April. IGM spokesperson Mark Block confirms the report. There will be three websites, with remaining open access, unlike the new sites for the Inquirer and the Daily News, which will both have paywalls. (more...)