Tragic images of children captured by photojournalists over time

In most cultures, children are valued as precious gifts of life -- treasured icons of hope. That stands in stark contrast to photographs circulated this week of a small, lifeless refugee child lying face-down on a Turkish beach with his bright red shirt, little blue cargo shorts and Velcro-strapped, sneakers. Almost immediately, the image became a symbol of the plight … Read More

The limits of photojournalism: What those pictures of the Syrian boy didn't tell us

When Mary Panzer saw the photos that have at least momentarily focused world attention on a long-term tragedy, she wondered about what the images didn't make clear. She wondered about the partial story they told. Panzer, a New York photography expert, curator and historian, was troubled "that we don't see pictures of the mothers. This makes it seem as if … Read More

NABJ’s Visual Task Force restores the Moneta Sleet photo competition

After a five-year hiatus, the Visual Task Force (VTF) of the National Association of Black Journalists "revamped" The Moneta Sleet, Jr. photo competition by partnering with the Teripix mobile photo app. That partnership allowed off-convention site participation and remote judging, which was a first for the 25-year-old competition. This year’s competition chair, Boyzell Hosey, director of photo and video … Read More

Taylor Swift's photography contract wasn't applied to The New York Times

Taylor Swift (AP Image)Freelance photographer Ben Sklar didn't meet with any opposition in May when he showed up at Bossier City, Louisiana to shoot a Taylor Swift show. Sklar, who has been shooting for The New York Times for more than a decade, arrived at the concert and took his photos without incident. Neither he nor the Times were … Read More

When deciding to run an open-casket photo, picture editors matter

As news organizations debated their lead image options yesterday during the first of a two-day public viewing for slain Senator and pastor Clementa C. Pinckney, a key voice was silent in many newsrooms: The picture editor. Given the magnitude of this story and the historical significance, many publications and news sites presented the open casket public viewing prominently. Read More

Photojournalism ethics needs a reexamination

The latest in the world of photojournalism contest ethics and photo sleuthing took another turn yesterday with World Press Photos’ rescinding a first-place award after disqualifying 22 percent of the entries that had made the penultimate round. Amid controversy, World Press Photo announced yesterday that based on its investigation, it is withdrawing the controversial “Dark Heart of Europe” award … Read More

NPPA study: The most memorable pictures were taken by pros

NPPA On Tuesday, the National Press Photographers Association released the results of an eyetracking study of 200 images, half by professional photojournalists and half by amateurs. Sara Quinn, Poynter affiliate faculty, wrote that the study was conducted last May at the University of Minnesota with 52 people who fell into two demographics -- 18 to 30 and 45 to … Read More

How to crop photos for Facebook and adapt to the News Feed's latest algorithm change

Lost in the noise over Facebook's crackdown on clickbait last week was another change to the social network that could impact all news organizations: the News Feed algorithm will now favor link posts over photo posts and status updates. When you paste a link to an article on your news organization's page and Facebook automatically generates a preview box … Read More

Eagle huntress photos by 24-year-old documentary photographer go viral

Soaring vision: amazing snaps of a Mongolian girl hunting with an eagle (via @BBCNewsMagazine) — BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) April 20, 2014   You know those stunning photos bouncing around the Internet of the Mongolian children hunting with eagles? The 24-year-old photographer who took them self-financed his expedition and at … Read More