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Montana school official appears to have plagiarized in another letter to the editor

Billings Gazette
Yellowstone County, Mont., Superintendent of Schools Max Lenington "may have plagiarized a petition to impeach the president in another letter to the editor published in June," Eddie Gregg reports in the Billings Gazette.

Monday, Gregg reported Lenington appeared to have lifted an August letter published in the Gazette and the Casper Star-Tribune from a column by Mychal Massie.

The June letter, titled "Obama's terrible record grows longer," bears strong similarities to a petition on the site

Yellowstone County Commissioner Jim Reno told Gregg Lenington's "actions are under review by the County Attorney’s Office." Lenington is reportedly at a motorcycle rally and was not available for questions.

Previously: Schools superintendent accused of plagiarism in anti-Obama letter

Schools superintendent accused of plagiarism in anti-Obama letter

Billings Gazette | Cowgirl Blog
Yellowstone County, Mont., schools superintendent Max Lenington plagiarized a column by Mychal Massie in an Aug. 25 letter to the editor, Massie tells Eddie Gregg of the Billings Gazette.

Lenington's letter, titled "Why I hate Barack and Michelle Obama," bears strong similarities to a Jan. 5, 2013, column by Massie called "Why I Do Not Like The Obamas." The Cowgirl Blog runs down some of the...coincidences.

Lenington asked, and Massie granted, permission to quote from the original piece, Massie tells Gregg. “My concern is that he has plagiarized word for word nearly all of my piece," Massie says. "This is so very unacceptable.” (more...)
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Plagiarism strikes Journal of Loss Prevention

ScienceDirect | Retraction Watch
The Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries pulled a paper by the Iranian academics I. Mohammadfam and H. Nikoomaram because it "plagiarized parts" of other papers, a retraction notice says. (You can still read the paper, called "FTA vs. Tripod-Beta, which seems better for the analysis of major accidents in process industries?")

"We’ll argue that for JLPPI, if not the authors, this loss was preventable," the authors of Retraction Watch write.

The journal belongs to Elsevier, which means it ought to have access to plagiarism-detection software. And all three journals from which the Iranian duo plagiarized (including JLPPI itself) are in Elsevier’s stable.
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Boston principal who plagiarized Forbes column resigns

The Boston Globe | The Arcata Eye | Times-Standard
Jaime Moody resigned Wednesday as principal of Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School in Dorchester, Mass., after The Boston Globe discovered apparent plagiarism in her job application. Moody had previously apologized to her school's employees for plagiarizing from a Forbes column in a welcome letter.

In her application, Moody "appears to have used an entire example of an educational philosophy statement posted on the Oregon State website," James Vaznis reports. "The statement was meant to show students of the online course what such a statement would look like as they attempted to write their own, one of the authors of the course said."

She also took sentences from a book by a Jesuit priest, Vaznis writes: (more...)
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TV station deletes story that ripped off another publication, got facts wrong

Providence, R.I., TV station WLNE-TV (also known as ABC6) posted a story Friday that "inappropriately included facts from a article," General Manager Chris Tzianabos tells Poynter in an email.

"In addition to failing to give proper credit, ABC6 mistakenly misconstrued some of the facts. We regret our mistake and we have taken appropriate internal action." The station has since posted a correction.

The story, by Assignment Editor Gilannie Pangburn, is no longer on WLNE's website. It drew on a Thursday story by GoLocalProv reporter Kate Nagle that listed the 25 Providence restaurants with the highest number of health-code violations. "Twenty five of the city's restaurants have health code violations," Pangburn's story said, according to a screenshot on GoLocalProv's website.

Reached by phone, GoLocalProv Features Editor Tracey Minkin said she discovered the grab via a Google Alert she had set up for "Providence" and "food." It came on Saturday. "The mistake they made was the indicator that they must have stolen our story," Minkin said.

Josh Fenton, CEO of GoLocalProv's parent company, contacted WLNE to complain about the swipe, Minkin said. In a GoLocalProv story, Fenton said, "We were extremely careful with reporting the data. ABC6 plagiarized the story. Even worse, in their haste to rewrite the story, in contained statements that are incorrect.” (more...)
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Middle school principal plagiarizes Forbes column

The Boston Globe
Jaime Moody, the principal of Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School in Dorchester, Mass., "strung together about 12 sentences" from a column by Margie Warrell in her first memo to staffers, James Vaznis reports.

A teacher on staff noticed tonal differences between those passages and the rest of Moody's memo and pumped it into Google before contacting The Boston Globe. Moody "Moody tweaked the wording to better connect to herself or Frederick Pilot Middle School" in places, Vaznis writes: (more...)
Jayson Blair

Jayson Blair: ‘I’ve matured’ since resigning from New York Times 10 years ago today

Ellicott City Patch | The Diamondback
Jayson Blair, who resigned from The New York Times 10 years ago today, tells Andrew Metcalf he's been been "dodging most" of the media requests he says he's received about the 10-year anniversary.

Blair, whose deceptions as a reporter led to a shakeup in Times editorial management, tells Metcalf that, "In a lot of ways I've matured, I've grown up," and that he now has gray hair.

A series in the University of Maryland independent student newspaper The Diamondback details Blair's troubled tenure as an editor and reporter there before he went to the Times. Blair missed deadlines, quoted sources no one could find and shrunk some journalists' paychecks without explanation, Yasmeen Abutaleb writes. And then there were the unexplained absences, one of which was explained away as an accident involving his roommate leaving on a gas stove. (more...)
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Sunlight Foundation’s new plagiarism-detection software launches, claims a bust

Sunlight Foundation
A press release for Sunlight Foundation's new plagiarism-detection tool Churnalism claims a bust right out of the gate: Reuters' prematurely published obituary for George Soros "includes a number of references from his Wikipedia page," it says.

The tool compares text -- which you can either paste in or let Churnalism vacuum in from the URL -- against Wikipedia and a database of press releases, from "PR Newswire, PR News Web, EurekaAlert!, congressional leadership offices, the White House, a sampling of Fortune 500 companies, prominent philanthropic foundations and many more," the release says.

But could Soros' Wiki page have sucked in phrases from Reuters' obituary, as the release notes happened with a New York Times article? Edits made since the obituary was mistakenly published don't seem to indicate the wording moved in that direction (though I'm hardly an expert when it comes to forensic examinations of Wiki edits). I've contacted Reuters for comment; obviously the Soros piece was not intended to be published as is.

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