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Politico Magazine launched Thursday with a story about the Obama cabinet. (Politico Magazine)

Politico magazine launches online

Politico launched its magazine Thursday, with features on the dramas of Obama's cabinet, Tim Gunn and Ada Calhoun on Beltway fashion and an eerie photo essay about America's abandoned malls. (more...)

How to tweet that you’re leaving The New York Times

Brian Stelter announced Tuesday that he plans to leave The New York Times for CNN: Matt Bai, The New York Times Magazine's political correspondent, announced his departure the same day, the same way.


The Times has seen a number of prominent staffers leave for other opportunities. Many of them used Twitter to report their own news. (more...)

Bob Lewis takes PR job

Former Associated Press reporter Bob Lewis will start a new job in media relations with the law firm McGuireWoods on Nov. 11, Mike Allen reports.

According to McGuireWoods' press release, Lewis will "lead McGuireWoods’ communications team implementing internal and external media strategies in support of its more than 900 lawyers in 19 offices worldwide and its public affairs subsidiary, McGuireWoods Consulting."

The AP fired Lewis in October after he wrote a story that said then-Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe lied to federal investigators. AP quickly retracted the story, and fired two other staffers as well.

On Twitter, Lewis said he was "Fired up":
The New York Times managing editor Jill Abramson, left, and honoree The New York Times foreign editor Susan Chira attend the 2010 Matrix Awards presented by the New York Women in Communications at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on Monday, April 19, 2010 in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

Jill Abramson: Politico piece was ‘shoddy,’ ‘nutty’

In the keynote talk at the Journalism & Women Symposium's Conference and Mentoring Project in Essex, Vt., Saturday, New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson talked about the reaction of women journalists to an April Politico piece that said she was "on the verge of losing the support of the newsroom." "It was thrilling," Abramson said about the people who came to her defense, "like a prairie fire among, like, other women journalists who just, like, saw this thing as, like, a shoddy, sexist, you know, ad feminem attack on me." (more...)

Jill Abramson on new Politico executive editor Rick Berke: ‘I look forward to competing against him again’

Politico New York Times senior editor and director of video content development Rick Berke will become the executive editor of Politico, Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris told staff Thursday. "This is really great news for POLITICO," Harris writes. "Rick Berke is one of the most distinguished political journalists of our time," New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson said in a statement emailed to Poynter by a Times spokesperson. "He is also a great friend and we have worked closely together since 1997. We have also competed against each other as reporters and I look forward to competing against him again. Politico is lucky to have him as executive editor." Berke will not run the newsroom day-to-day, Harris writes in his memo: His "emphasis will be to help the entire team think broadly about the news."
He is going to be a very engaged presence in the newsroom, sharing his ideas and listening to other people’s. His presence will help me and all of us do more of what we enjoy most—to get away from the inbox and our offices to spend more time with the people who make the POLITICO magic, the reporters.

Capital editor: ‘I’m not going to sleep for the next couple of years’

With its acquisition by Politico Publisher Robert Allbritton, the New York website Capital will go on a hiring spree, adding 20 or so journalists to its coverage of New York power centers.

"Out of the gate that means media and politics," Capital co-editor Tom McGeveran said in a phone call with Poynter, "with politics getting about twice as much firepower as media because it will be divided between New York City and Albany."

But media coverage will grow substantially, too. Right now, McGeveran said, the media desk focuses on the way New York outlets interact with New York -- like Joe Pompeo's relentless coverage of the New York Post or McGeveran's New York Times Kremlinology.

"We’ve sort of made it about local news and not media that is based in New York," McGeveran said. "That would be a more direct analogy to what Politico does in Washington": covering the national ripples made by people in its coverage area. (more...)

Politico, Philadelphia Inquirer & The Wrap all launch redesigns

Politico has chosen two new typefaces "designed specifically for newsprint’s narrow column measures," its editors write in a note about its print product's new look.

These new fonts, which are slightly more condensed than the old ones, will allow for more photographs and information graphics on inside pages. And Escrow will allow the paper to fully embrace S-E-Q-U-E-S-T-R-A-T-I-O-N in headlines.
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Politico owner buys New York website Capital

Politico | Capital | The Wall Street Journal
Politico owner Robert Allbritton has purchased the website Capital, both companies announced Sunday night. Politico Executive Editor Jim VandeHei will serve as the publication's president. Tom McGeveran and Josh Benson will remain as co-editors.

Capital covers New York power structures, including the media. "This is going to allow us to get bigger and better," McGeveran and Benson say in their announcement. They'll hire more people, redesign their site and look for new sources of money: "With POLITICO, we'll have the strategic and organizational muscle to tap into other revenue streams."

Apparently, Capital will also observe Politico's habit of referring to itself in capital letters. (more...)

Mike Allen is the journalist most followed on Twitter by members of Congress

New York
There's not much overlap in the Top 10 entities that Republican and Democratic members follow on Twitter, according to information compiled by New York magazine's Dan Amira and the firm Twiangulate. But 62.9 percent of members of Congress over all follow The Hill, with Politico a close second at 61.2 percent.

Politico's Mike Allen is the top journalism follow for both Republicans and Democrats. From there, the road branches sharply: MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is Democrats' No. 2 follow; Fox News' Chad Pergram holds that spot for Republicans. Nate Silver is Democratic members' No. 12 follow; he does not appear among Republicans' top follows.
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Former Politico reporter Steve Friess says the thesis that The Washington Post should be more like Politico is “wobbly”:

More than being fundamentally different, though, the suggestion that Politico is so profitable that it could [conceivably] support the breadth and depth of the expensive journalism the Post does is absurd. Repeatedly in my time at Politico, we were told that the serious money didn’t start raining in until about two years ago with the launch of the hyper-niche-y and often overlooked portion of the site known as Politico Pro. Pro offers verticals that focus intensely on such areas as health care, energy or technology for subscribers — typically lawmakers, lobbyists, corporations and activists — who pay thousands of dollars for inside intel. A fraction of what is produced for Pro ever crosses the transom to the main site.

In other words, the really popular parts of Politico may break even but they are the dessert that established the brand. The vegetables, served to those hankering for a very particular form of nutrition, pays the bills. Had Post owner Don Graham funded John Harris and Jim VandeHei’s vision for Politico in 2006 when he had the chance, his family might co-own an increasingly valuable media asset. But unless the Post stopped being the Post and actually became Politico, it wouldn’t have had any serious bearing on the Post’s current circumstances.

Steve Friess, BuzzFeed