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Career beat: Dana Liebelson joins HuffPost Politics

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

  • Dana Liebelson will be a political reporter at HuffPost Politics. She’s a reporter for Mother Jones. (Email)
  • Ashley Codianni is now a senior producer and digital correspondent for CNN Politics Digital. She’s Mashable’s director of news video. (Fishbowl DC)
  • Cara Parks has been named executive editor at Modern Farmer. She was previously a freelancer and deputy managing editor at Foreign Policy. (
  • Suejin Yang has been named vice president and general manager of digital entertainment at People and Entertainment Weekly. Previously, she was vice president of Bravo Digital Media. (Fishbowl NY)

Job of the day: ProPublica is looking for a research editor. Get your résumés in! (Journalism Jobs)

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Why journalists should be skeptical about autopsy reports

A.C. Thompson is not a doctor. But neither are many of the people performing autopsies in the United States, says the ProPublica reporter, who has developed a special interest in those procedures.

“Reporters would do well to approach autopsies with some skepticism,” he said in a phone call. Among the problems with autopsies he’s outlined through his reporting: Many are performed by people with no medical training. In many jurisdictions, “When you’re cutting up dead bodies, you actually don’t have to be licensed by anyone,” he said. (Former New Orleans Parish coroner Frank Minyard told him one of the most important qualities in a coroner is the “love that you have for your fellow man.”)


Thompson read about 900 autopsies from New Orleans Parish after Hurricane Katrina and found stuff that was “absolutely mind-boggling” in them: “People would be shot to death by police, they would be beaten to death by police, and you would get an autopsy that would fail to note the very, very obvious injuries to their bodies,” he said.… Read more


Career Beat: Ryan Tate is named deputy editor for The Intercept

Good morning! Here are some job updates from the journalism community!

  • Becky Bowers will be editor of the Wall Street Journal’s Real Time Economics blog. She’s currently manager of digital operations for PolitiFact and PunditFact. (@beckybowers)
  • Thomas Claybaugh is now president and publisher for Gannett Central New York Media. Previously, he was general manager of Delmarva Media Group. (Gannett)
  • Terry Horne will be publisher and president for the (Salem, Oregon) Statesman Journal. He was president and publisher of the Pensacola (Florida) News Journal. (Gannett)
  • Jason Leopold will be a reporter at Vice News. Previously, he was a reporter for Al Jazeera America. (Politico)
  • Ryan Tate, Margot Williams and Cora Currier have joined The Intercept. Tate will be the site’s deputy editor.
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Guardian staffers win top IRE prize for NSA series


The Investigative Reporters & Editors medal for 2014 goes to Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Ewen MacAskill and others for the Guardian’s reports on the NSA, which “revealed a story that continues to reverberate in the United States and across the globe,” the judges say. (Greenwald and Poitras now work for Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media.)

ProPublica got a FOI Award for its series on revelations from government drug data.

In broadcast, New Orleans’ WVUE won for its “Body of Evidence” series, Los Angeles’ KNBC won for an investigation into bus safety and CNN and the Center for Investigative Reporting won for their series on fraud at rehab clinics.

Swedish Radio beat stories by NPR, CIR and Minnesota Public Radio with a story that sounds like the plot of a Stieg Larsson novel but is, shockingly, true.… Read more


ProPublica gets $1M grant from MacArthur Foundation

MacArthur Foundation | ProPublica

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has announced a $1 million grant to ProPublica. It’s the only news organization the foundation recognized as one of its “Creative and Effective Institutions.”

“As news organizations have undergone tremendous financial upheaval in recent years, many have lost the resources required to fulfill the traditional role of investigative journalism, an important way of rooting out corruption in society and maintaining an informed citizenry,” the foundation writes in its announcement.

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Paul Steiger: Obama administration’s actions threaten U.S. journalists

In an important speech on press freedoms this week, ProPublica founder Paul Steiger warned that the Obama administration’s surveillance of reporters, denial of access and efforts to silence sources constitute an assault on American journalists’ ability to do their jobs.

Speaking Tuesday night after receiving the Burton Benjamin Memorial award from the Committee to Protect Journalists, Steiger said in a speech posted on ProPublica that new barriers to reporters have emerged :

For the starkest comparison, I urge any of you who haven’t already done so to read last month’s report, commissioned by CPJ and written by Len Downie, former editor of the Washington Post. It lays out in chilling detail how an administration that took office promising to be the most transparent in history instead has carried out the most intrusive surveillance of reporters ever attempted.

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Ethics of unpaid internships

Unpaid internships have been getting a lot of attention recently, most of it unwanted, as the result of lawsuits and canceled programs.

ProPublica has been covering the issue, from Northwestern’s residency program to harassment legal loopholes leaving unpaid interns vulnerable.

It recently raised $22,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to hire intern Casey McDermott to document the story of countless unpaid internships across the country.

Replay the live chat to read what ProPublica’s reporting intern Kara Brandeisky and McDermott had to say on whether we are at a turning point in unpaid internships, how widespread the practice of hiring unpaid interns is and strategies for getting and surviving one.

You can find any past chat at


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NYT/Guardian/ProPublica collaboration: It speaks for itself, apparently

American and British spy agencies have worked to defeat most forms of Internet encryption, even going so far as to insert “back doors” into security products that allow them access to communications most would consider private.

That’s the rattling news contained in stories published Thursday as a result of a collaboration, news of which BuzzFeed broke in late August, between The New York Times, the Guardian and ProPublica. The stories are reported out from documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

Any such complicated collaboration on such an important story is going to generate intense interest: In what combination did the organizations share reporting, editing and source materials, for instance? The New York Times and ProPublica ran what appears to be the same story, credited to the Times’ Nicole Perlroth and Scott Shane and ProPublica’s Jeff Larson.… Read more


ProPublica releases simple tool for searching Instagram


ProPublica news application developer Al Shaw discovered an Instagram API that lets you search by both time and geographic coordinates — “a perfect way to see who’s at a certain place at a certain time,” Shaw writes.

He built a simple tool called QIS, or Quick Instagram Search, that journalists could use to find Instagram photos at newsworthy events. “Just having fun with it, we found a lot of interesting stuff,” he said in a phone call with Poynter. “Anything you could type into Google Maps would work.”

One example from Shaw’s post: a photo of the Boston Marathon finish line on April 15 minutes before it was bombed. QIS could conceivably help newsrooms verify photos from breaking news events.… Read more

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ProPublica releases style guide for news apps

News applications editor Scott Klein has written a “ProPublica News Apps Style Guide” that codifies “the typographic and technical best practices” its developers follow.

Much like the AP Stylebook, the News Apps Style Guide helps journalists resolve uncertainty and avoid common mistakes by providing guidance on the most important or often misunderstood points.

Also like the AP Stylebook, the News Apps Style Guide contains an alphabetical list of subjects — from Accuracy to Updates (no “z-” words yet) — with a brief discussion and guidance for each.

Which browsers should your news app be sure to work in? “The current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on a rolling basis” as well as “the built-in browsers in the latest revision of the iOS and Android [SDK],” and “if earlier releases represent more than 2.5% of our audience, continue to support them.”… Read more