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Cost of a decent press release? $7,500

Business Wired The requirements for a press release have changed since 2007, when Business Wire estimated a good press release would run $5,000, Fred Godlash writes. "The biggest change, in just 6 years, is the focus from pitching to media outlets to making a press release that is written for everybody." In today’s world the press release may be picked up by anyone that will write about your company – not just traditional media outlets, but bloggers, consumer groups, advocacy groups, social media users and more. A press release today would take about "150 hours of collective work," including "Hiring staff for keyword optimization, content creation, research, analytics, multimedia, embed codes for tracking, and legal fees for regulatory compliance," Godlash writes. The total cost, he figures, would be up to $7,500. Read More

Commercial Appeal: Grocery chain's PR woman lied to us about sale of Memphis stores

Memphis Commercial Appeal The Commercial Appeal tells readers today how it was deceived by the Schnucks grocery chain -- specifically, communications director Lori Willis, who denied on August 25 that a deal was in the works to sell Schnucks' Memphis stores to Kroger. "Typically, we would not comment on rumor and speculation, but I will acknowledge these rumors have gotten to a point with the media where I feel I need to tell you there is no truth to those rumors," Willis told reporter Tom Bailey Jr. "There is no deal regarding any sale or purchase with regard to the Schnucks company." Eight days later it was announced that Schnucks was leaving Memphis and selling most of its stores to Kroger. Hundreds of employees will lose their jobs. "I felt like our brand -- our newspaper -- was damaged" by Schnucks' denials, which prompted the paper to stay silent about sale rumors, says business editor Roland Klose. Readers, he says, have accused the paper of being "derelict" by not running rumor stories, but "we felt it would be irresponsible ...and it was such an adamant denial" from Willis. Read More