Quartz on new home for data viz: 'Charts are our cat photos.'

Quartz On Tuesday, Quartz introduced a new home for charts and data journalism — Atlas. Zachary Seward, Quartz's executive editor, wrote about the new site and how Quartz hopes it will grow. Atlas gives each of our charts its own home, along with a set of tools for interacting with them: You can now download the … Read More

Why Quartz is taking its time figuring out video

When Quartz launched, from the start there was an assumption it would do video, said Quartz Editor-in-Chief and President Kevin Delaney. But first, staff wanted to figure out what Quartz was before tackling something so resource-intensive. "So two and a half years into the life of Quartz, we felt we had the confidence that we were ready to … Read More

'Investigative reporting is obviously alive and well' and other observations from first-time Pulitzer jurors

Pulitzer Medals. (Photo from Columbia University) This year, several first-time Pulitzer Prize jurors came from online news organizations and platforms, including Quartz, Twitter, Trove, The Marshall Project and The Texas Tribune. I spoke with three of them about their experiences judging the Pulitzers. They can't talk in specifics about entries, but they did talk about what the Pulitzers … Read More

Quartz: The New York Times finding ways around Chinese censors

Quartz | The Huffington Post Ever since 2012, when The New York Times published a story about the hidden fortune stashed away by the family of Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao, China's censors have blocked both the paper's English-language and Chinese-language websites. Now, Quartz writer Heather Timmons reports that The New York Times has deployed a … Read More

Quartz experiment: Shades of gray distinguish facts from hearsay

As of Sunday night, there remained many unknown elements about the over-the-top subscription service that HBO will launch this year. CEO Richard Plepler confirmed back in October that the premium cable channel would offer the service in 2015. But what would it be called, when would it launch, and on what device(s)? Quartz writer Adam Epstein wanted to do … Read More

Quartz and storytelling lessons beyond editorial

This article has been republished, with permission, from GarciaMedia.com. To see more articles like this, check out their blog. A  recent visit to the Quartz newsroom in New York City proves the point: here is a shop where a story first philosophy pays great dividends---and for advertising, too. First, a disclaimer: We are true fans of everything that … Read More

What are your tech and social media resolutions for 2015?

Less time spent wading through your email? More time spent away from tech? Less selfies? More selfies? It's almost a new year and, like with the resolutions you may be making about more exercise and less Uber riding, you may also have some work-related resolutions. I asked a handful of journalists about their tech and social media resolutions … Read More

Most memorable stories of 2014

S. Mitra Kalita is the executive editor of Quartz, on Poynter’s adjunct faculty, and a Spencer Fellow at Columbia University. She tweets @mitrakalita. A friend of mine recently pondered the role of memory in journalism, saying an information overload has robbed his recall. Sometimes it feels like stories aren’t read as much as Facebooked, tweeted, toggled all day long. Read More

Storytelling experiment: Quartz publishes internal conversation

Your newsroom surely has been through the drill: an editor reaches out to some folks with an idea for a story. The cc line grows and grows as "stakeholders” chime in. By the end of the thread (or the day), you have a treatise on proposed subject. But no story. I thought of all those unpublished pearls today as we … Read More

Career Beat: AP gets new global news manager for weekends

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community: James Nord is now a political correspondent for The Associated Press. Previously, he was a political reporter at MinnPost. (AP) Evan Berland is now global news manager for weekends at the AP. Previously, he was deputy editor for the eastern United States. (AP) Mitra Kalita is now an … Read More
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