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Quartz on an iPad

Does it matter that mobile-native Quartz has a mobile-minority audience?

As much as mobile is poised to keep growing in 2014, old desktop habits die hard — especially during business hours. That leaves Quartz, Atlantic Media’s 18-month-old business site, with a fascinating hand after going all-in on mobile.

Despite … Read more


Here’s why thinking of news as atoms and waves can grab readers

Organizations challenged to present stories for digital audiences in new, easily consumable ways might take a page from companies experimenting with new types of storytelling.

News organizations like Vox, Quartz and Circa News are developing story formats that take … Read more

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Travel Cybertrips iPad

How tablets are changing the way writers work

Journalists have long defined themselves by the medium that carries their work. They say they write for magazines, newspapers or the Web. No one says, “I write for tablets.”

Yet as more tablet-focused startups and spinoffs are developed, more journalists … Read more


Quartz’s practice of ‘linking out’ renews attention to aggregation debate

CJR | The New York Times | Knight Science Journalism at MIT | Nieman Journalism Lab
CJR's Hazel Sheffield took a look at the new publication Quartz and didn't like a few things: links take you away from the site, there's no commenting, infographics aren't interactive and It didn't have enough original content when she looked at it.

One example: of the 13 stories that appeared under the heading “Energy Shocks” in the site’s first five hours, eight were either sponsored or aggregated.
With the caveat that I have no idea what "Energy Shocks" are, I view getting five original stories out in five hours as working at a pretty good clip. Quartz Senior Editor Zach Seward responds to Sheffield's dismay about Quartz's linking practices in the comments:

Our goals are just to cite our sources, acknowledge that there's a whole wide world of great business reporting, and point our readers to material they should see. Only CJR could manage to view the presence of links as a sign of weakness. That's kind of perfectly captured by your complaint that some links on Quartz don't open in a new tab by default, "a curious decision by a new site hoping to get people to stick around." Hah! No. We're thrilled if readers leave Quartz because we've pointed them to great material elsewhere because we know they'll love us for it and come back for more.

Quartz takes the latest step in Web apps evolution

Atlantic Media's new business news website, Quartz, launched today. I wrote earlier about the five things journalists should know about this new project.

The first of those five things was Quartz's tablet-first focus, which we can now see in action.

Although the site is focused on reaching globetrotting business executives on their smartphones and tablets, you won't find it in your favorite app store. (more...)

5 things journalists should know about Quartz, Atlantic Media’s business news startup

Agence France-Presse | The Economist | Nieman Lab | Ad Week | News ThingQuartz Tumblr
Atlantic Media is about to launch its much-buzzed-about global business news product called Quartz, as soon as this week or next.

It's another digital news startup that gets a lot of pre-launch attention for its intention to do things differently -- which makes it not only interesting but also a sort of lab experiment whose successes or failures will bear lessons for other news organizations.

Quartz is staffing up with "veterans from top media organizations around the world," including Editor-in-Chief Kevin Delaney, Senior Editor Zach Seward from The Wall Street Journal and Global News Editor Gideon Lichfield from The Economist. Others come from backgrounds at Gawker, Huffington Post, Foreign Policy, GOOD magazine and France 24. (We wrote earlier about Atlantic Media's hiring philosophy.)

Altogether Quartz will have a team of about 25 working mostly from the main office in New York City's SoHo neighborhood (also home to Gawker). It will have some reporters in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, and plans to open offices in Europe and Asia.

Here are a handful of things worth knowing and watching as Quartz launches. (more...)