Quora makes answers embeddable for easier use by journalists

The social question-and-answer website Quora released a new feature today that makes it easier for journalists and other publishers to quote from the expert answers posted on the network. Just highlight specific text in an answer and click the “embed quote” button, or go to the bottom of the answer and click the “embed” link to grab the whole thing. The popup provides an embed code to paste into your story.

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New York Times journalists to hold ‘office hours’ on Quora

Three New York Times journalists are using the question-and-answer site Quora to engage with readers about their recently published books, Times Associate Managing Editor Jim Schachter wrote today. Schachter also said in the comments that this is a test. He followed up by email to say “We’ll have to see how it goes before we would even think about embedding Quora on NYTimes.com.” The series kicks off tomorrow with Diana Henriques answering questions from 3 to 4 p.m. EST about her Bernie Madoff book “Wizard of Lies.” Gretchen Morgenson and Adam Bryant will follow in the coming weeks. ReadWriteWeb’s Marshall Kirkpatrick offers early praise:

“Very nice idea. The rest of us get to see the Q&A go down in real time, with all the interest data and social recommendations on topics that user accounts carry with them.

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6 ways journalists can use Quora as tool to report, share ideas

Quora, the fast-growing question and answer site, has become increasingly popular among journalists.

In a phone interview, Quora co-founder Adam D’Angelo attributed the site’s recent growth to an increase in media coverage and traffic from Twitter, among other factors. Because the site auto-follows users’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, it makes sense that its user-base would spread quickly once a few influencers begin using it.

“Originally when we built the site, we didn’t have new users automatically follow all their Twitter contacts,” said D’Angelo, former CTO of Facebook. “But since, in the vast majority of cases, people want to see what their friends are doing on the site, we changed it to automatically follow the people who we can detect that they care about via Twitter/Facebook. This helps growth a bit but it actually wasn’t the reason why we did it.”

Quora has some work to do as it looks for ways to maintain high quality questions and answers.

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NPR using Instagram for photo sharing, is it the next big thing?

Mashable / Lost Remote

Lauren Indvik reports that NPR’s latest foray into social media utilizes the iPhone photo sharing app Instagram:

“As far as we’re aware, NPR is the first media organization to use Instagram as an official tool for content distribution. ‘Our main focus has always been to go to the places where we believe existing and potential NPR fans are hanging out and give them an outlet to interact with us and our content,’ says Andy Carvin, a senior strategist on NPR’s social media desk.”

Cory Bergman writes that experimenting with new tools is an important job in the newsroom:

“Dedicating a small part of your day to experiment with emerging social services is a great use of time. At the very least, give it a quick spin and reserve your branded account names before someone grabs them — remember Twitter?”

But, Bergman asks, how do you know when to “double down on an experiment, or pull the plug?” He highlights Tumblr, Quora and Reddit as three other services that deserve attention, but how much? Read more


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