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Liberals and conservatives agree: You can’t trust BuzzFeed

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  1. Nobody trusts BuzzFeed much: Pew’s new report on Political Polarization & Media Habits says “There is little overlap in the news sources” conservatives and liberals “turn to and trust.” The Wall Street Journal is trusted across ideological boundaries, and the BBC and The Economist do well among all but the most consistent conservatives, who say they equally trust and distrust those outlets. Only one publication is rated “More distrusted than trusted” regardless of respondents’ political outlook: BuzzFeed. It’s important to note, though, that fewer than 40 percent of respondents had heard of BuzzFeed. (Pew) | BuzzFeed EIC Ben Smith emails: “Most of the great news organizations have been around for decades, and trust is something you earn over time.
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PolitiFact Ohio gives Rachel Maddow a ‘Pants on Fire!’

PolitiFact Ohio

Rachel Maddow’s claim that Ohio’s budget calls for a “mandatory vaginal probe at the insistence of the state” is not true, PolitiFact’s Ohio outfit says.

“Maddow was referring to a new requirement that women seeking abortions first receive ultrasounds to determine whether a fetal heartbeat is present,” PolitiFact and Plain Dealer reporter Henry J. Gomez writes. Gomez got his hands on the budget, which says “only that an examination shall be performed externally.”

“That puts Maddow’s ‘vaginal probe’ claim about as far as can be from the truth, into the realm of the ridiculous,” Gomez writes. Read more

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Is Truth-O-Meter the real issue in Maddow’s latest blast at PolitiFact?

The Tampa Bay Times’ fact-checking site PolitiFact has drawn another heated rebuke from MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow, who accuses it of “ruining fact checking” and being “truly terrible.”

But at the risk of looking like a homer — the Times signs my checks as its media critic — I think Maddow’s gripe with PolitiFact boils down to the same thing that’s rankled other critics: the site’s Truth-O-Meter rulings. (Additional disclaimer: Poynter owns the Tampa Bay Times.)

On Tuesday, Maddow took issue with PolitiFact ruling as “Half True” a statement from tennis legend Martina Navratilova that “in 29 states in this country you can still get fired for not just being gay but if your employer thinks you are gay.” That number is the amount of states with no statewide law banning employment discrimination for sexual orientation. Read more


Rachel Maddow, others cite outdated CBS poll data after SOTU

Near the end of her Thursday night show, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow issued an on-air correction for a mistake made the night before.

It seems that she mentioned a CBS poll about the State of the Union speech that indicated viewers had a very positive reaction to it. The problem: it was a poll of last year’s SOTU. Here’s the transcript of her describing the mistake and offering a correction:

MADDOW: Correction. Last night, we used this CBS news poll when talking about reaction to the president’s State of the Union speech. It shows, obviously, a very positive reaction to that speech. So far, so true.

What we know about polled reaction to the president’s speech this year was very positive and that CBS poll did gauge reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union.

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Maddow: ‘I don’t think I always fit the caricature of a liberal’

The Daily Beast
She says evidence of that is her occasional criticisms of President Obama. Rachel Maddow also tells Howard Kurtz that she misses ex-colleague Keith Olbermann but dismisses “suspicions” that MSNBC is toning things down; the breakup, she says, “really wasn’t about the rest of us.” Read more

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