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Chicago startup Rivet News Radio echoes Zite and Pandora for audio news

Text-based journalism has Flipboard and Zite. Music has Pandora. Video has YouTube. Tapping into elements of all these services for a different form of media is Rivet News Radio, the first product from Chicago-based startup HearHere Radio LLC, which launched earlier this month. The Rivet app — iOS only for now — taps into two of the day's biggest buzzwords in echoing other new media successes: mobile-friendliness and customizability. It occupies an aural space somewhere between podcasts that you deliberately seek out and radio news that you listen to just because it's on and you're trapped in traffic during your commute. Read More

NPR's Kinsey Wilson explains switch from 'Talk of the Nation' to 'Here and Now'

Kinsey Wilson, executive vice president and chief content officer for NPR, clarifies some of reasons why "Talk of the Nation" is headed off the air and is being replaced with lesser-known newsmagazine "Here & Now." He said in a phone interview Friday afternoon that while it's time for NPR's programming to evolve, that's not a slight against "Talk of the Nation," which first began in 1991. "They really sort of set the standard for call-in shows. They are at the top of their game. Over time, many shows have used that model and adapted it to their needs [in local markets]," said Wilson, a Poynter trustee. "There's a lot of abundance in that category. What's not in abundance are shows like 'Here & Now.' There's a real appetite on the part of listeners, program managers and member stations to bridge the gap in our programming." Read More