Reddit politics site bans Gawker links

Move follows report a Gawker writer is preparing to expose the identity of a Reddit user who enjoys taking pictures of women without their knowledge. Read More

A journalist's quick guide to Reddit, the next thing you have to learn

Reddit had a moment this week. Sure, Reddit was already the unofficial "front page of the Internet," the soul of all things meme, the secret sauce behind BuzzFeed's viral posts, a breaking news curator and a Q&A forum for journalists, celebrities, newsmakers. The Reddit alien mascot. But then President Obama did a surprise Q&A appearance Wednesday that … Read More

Ezra Klein opens up to Reddit: 'Ask me anything'

Reddit Washington Post blogger and columnist Ezra Klein held an AMA (short for "ask me anything") thread on Reddit today. His intended subject was a new elections forecasting tool he developed. But of course, many of the more than 440 questions strayed. Read More
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