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Smartphone news readers are driven by psychological rewards

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People who use smartphones to get local or national news tend to prefer emotionally rewarding content like sports and videos over negative content like disasters and crime, according to new research.

A study by the Reynolds Journalism Institute and HCD Research compared people’s media use patterns to their fundamental psychological motivations (seeking rewards vs. avoiding threats). Read more


Study: iPhones reach more news audience than Android phones by every measure

Reynolds Journalism Institute
Although a greater percentage of people own Android smartphones, those who own Apple iPhones are the most attractive audience for news publishers, according to new research from Roger Fidler at the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

In fact, iPhone owners bested Android phone owners in every news-related category.

IPhone owners are more likely to subscribe to a local newspaper:
Read more


Survey: 49% of editors make news decisions based at least partially on web analytics reports

Reynolds Journalism Institute
The Reynolds Journalism Institute reports that 90 percent of the 529 editors it surveyed said yes to the question: Does your newsroom receive Web analytics reports about data such as page views, length of visit, and traffic of your Web site? Forty-one percent said they receive the report daily; 24 percent once a week; and 24 percent once a month. Other findings:

* 45 percent of the editors surveyed say they do not interact with their audiences in the comments section of their websites.
* Only about half of respondents (52 percent) thought “collaboration with community” was either “very important” or “important.”
* 84 percent said yes to the question: Do you use social media such as Twitter or Facebook to interact with your audience?
* Newspapers with a weekday circulation of less than 25,000 (79%) create user-generated content significantly more than those whose weekday circulation is 25,000 or more (67%).

Read the detailed report. Read more


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