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Edward Snowden documentary gets Oscar nod

“Citizenfour,” Laura Poitras’ cinematic ticktock revealing the story behind the NSA revelations of Edward Snowden, has been nominated for an Oscar in the “Best Documentary” category.

The news sparked jubilation on Twitter from staffers at First Look Media, who work with Poitras at The Intercept.

The movie is up against four other films: “Finding Vivian Maier,” a movie “about a mysterious nanny” who covertly snapped 100,000 photographs; “Last Days in Vietnam,” which is pretty much what it sounds like; “Salt of the Earth,” which follows a wildlife photographer’s peregrinations; and “Virunga,” which documents the struggle to save wild gorillas amid a civil war. Read more


Ebert: My memoir got ‘a dream review’ from NYT’s Maslin | Time Out Chicago | New York Times | The Atlantic
Reviews of Roger Ebert’s memoir, Life Itself, are pouring in — Maureen Dowd’s was just posted — and the critics love it. “The book charms and entertains, but it also teaches,” Spencer Kornhaber writes in the Atlantic. Robert Feder, who worked with Ebert at the Sun-Times for decades, says his ex-colleague wrote a “warm, funny, insightful and thoroughly engaging” book. Ebert tweeted earlier today that “my book gets a dream review from Janet Maslin in the New York Times.” || NPR film critic John Powers said of Ebert:

Roger has never been one of those critics you read for his analysis. He’s a critic you read for his openness and enthusiasm. Because of that enthusiasm, you might almost say that he’s the original fanboy — breezy, personal and ready to share.

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Ebert finally wins New Yorker cartoon caption contest
Roger Ebert wrote in 2009 that he’d entered the New Yorker’s cartoon caption contest almost weekly since it began and was never a finalist. “Roger was being a bit hyperbolic,” writes New Yorker cartoon editor Robert Mankoff. “Out of a possible 280 contests leading up to his win in No. 281, the Bureau of Cartoon Caption Contest Statistics reports that he entered only 107. …And I see he has entered contest No. 282, so stay tuned.” || Ebert says of winning: “I am gobsmacked.”
Earlier: Chicago man wins New Yorker contest for third time; friend fears he won’t shut up about it Read more

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Ebert receives Chicago Headline Club’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Roger Ebert will be honored on May 6, along with former Chicago Tribune Richard Longworth, and Elizabeth Brackett, a correspondent and substitute host at public TV station WTTW. “Chicago has so many great journalists that it is really difficult to single out just a few each year,” says Chicago Headline Club president Susan S. Stevens. The release is after the jump. Read more