Congressional hearing: Russia's use of pseudo journalism against U.S.

Screengrab from is essentially “weaponizing” information through the effective, worldwide use of pseudo journalism, a congressional committee was told Wednesday. “Russia has launched an information war against the West—and we are losing,” said Peter Pomeranzev, a London-based propaganda expert who is a former journalist born in the old Soviet Union. “They see this as the war of the … Read More

NYT corrected Gary Hart story after source's recollection changed

Good morning. Thanks, veterans. Here are 10 media stories. NYT corrects Gary Hart story Former Miami Herald reporter Tom Fiedler disputes the chronology he gave Matt Bai about when he saw Gary Hart's challenge to prove his infidelity. "Therefore, it is likely that the original version of this article, based in large part on Fiedler’s account, referred incorrectly to … Read More

Russian 'law on bloggers' takes effect today

Hello there. Sorry this isn't Beaujon. Here are 10 or so media stories. Happy Friday! Russian blogger law goes into effect: It could crack down on free expression, Alec Luhn explains: "Popularly known as the 'law on bloggers,' the legislation requires users of any website whose posts are read by more than 3,000 people each day to publish under … Read More