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Scott Rosenberg named Grist executive editor

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The founder of and former managing editor says he and the Grist team “share passions for hard-hitting journalism, lively writing, and authentic community-building.” The release announcing the appointment says: “With extensive experience in journalism, technology, and online community-building, Scott Rosenberg is perfectly positioned to help Grist pursue its mission of empowering a new generation to create a more sustainable future.” Launched in 1999, Grist takes a “wry twist” to environmental news and commentary and says “we take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.” Read more


Rosenberg: What will corrections look like on a tablet-only newspaper?

Scott Rosenberg wonders how an iPad-only publication like News Corp.’s Daily, will handle story corrections. Fixing and explaining errors are problems that still vex many Web publishers, and tablet editions bring new challenges to the process. Rosenberg writes:

“How do you let the public talk back to you and tell you when you’ve made a mistake? How do you show them when you’ve decided to fix something? Do you wait for your next ‘daily’ update or do you revise on the fly?”

Pursuing innovation in a traditional newsroom is often a challenge because of the roadblocks caused by cultural inertia. But Murdoch is bringing in a new staff to work on a new publication on a new platform. This is one reason so much attention has been paid to the announcement of new hires at the Daily. Read more