NYT tweeted Hobby Lobby ruling 41 minutes after SCOTUSblog

In a remarkable display of caution lasting eons in Twitter time, The New York Times waited about 40 minutes after the news broke to post the Supreme Court's ruling [PDF] on whether some companies can be required to pay for contraception. SCOTUSblog, which doesn't have a press credential despite attracting 50,000 viewers to its live blog today, … Read More

SCOTUSblog gets a Peabody Award

Peabody Awards | SCOTUSblog SCOTUSblog is among the winners of the 72nd-annual Peabody Awards, announced Wednesday. It's the first blog to receive a Peabody, Amy Howe writes in an announcement on the site. "[T]he website provides everything you ever wanted to know about the U.S. Supreme Court and its cases but didn’t know … Read More