Seattle Weekly devotes entire issue to Washington state’s war dead

Seattle Weekly | Daily Weekly blog
This week’s print edition — 56 pages and 393 obits long — Seattle Weekly editors “aim to atone for whatever short shrift we’ve given the wars in the Middle East by devoting every inch of editorial space to remembering the lives of the men and women with Washington state ties who have died while serving there.” Editor-in-chief Mike Seely says of the issue:

It’s an extreme gesture, to be sure. And for those who miss Seattle Weekly’s usual mix of arts and local news coverage, rest assured you’ll find up-to-date content at But in a hyper-connected culture where various gadgets ensure that the average person’s attention span will be tugged in a dozen directions at once, devoting an entire, uninterrupted issue to remembering the lives of those who’ve set their personal beliefs aside and fought for our freedom seems the only proper antidote

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