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Twitter’s custom timelines won’t kill Storify but could become robust filters

Twitter announced Tuesday a “custom timelines” feature that seems to mimic many of Storify’s functions. But is it a Storify killer?

All Tweetdeck users will soon be able to drop individual tweets into a “custom timelines” column with a name … Read more

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Twitter image preview can be either interesting or maddening.

Twitter image preview either interesting or maddening

Remember when Twitter was just a 140-character microblogging platform?

The service today added in-line images and videos to timelines accessed via and Twitter’s mobile apps. Depending on how many accounts you follow, this new ability to view image previews … Read more

SXSWi director Hugh Forrest on social media and journalism

SXSWi director Hugh Forrest on journalism’s social media challenge

South by Southwest Interactive Director Hugh Forrest describes one of the biggest challenges facing journalism in today’s social media zeitgeist. Watch the video to find out what journalists need to overcome on the Web.

Use the code 13POYNTER50FORREST to get … Read more
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Tips for Storytellers: How to make the most of your tweets

My Grandma Helfrey was a master storyteller, using voices and just the right sense of humor. Over the years at Poynter, I’ve met a host of great storytellers and I’ve loved seeing them perfect the tools of their trade—for writing, … Read more


At a conference in Cannes, BuzzFeed President Jon Steinberg said that “We feel strongly that traditional media have given up on young people” and that news organizations should focus on sharing throughout their processes.

“More so than the technology, you have to write and produce news for the social web: it has to be novel, important and have this social imperative behind it,” he said, suggesting that some media have yet to move on from an SEO-focused approach optimised for Google’s search engine rather than social sharing.

“That allowed people to write very boring news that was aggregated and unoriginal. And that doesn’t work well on social,” he said. “The most important thing you can do is to think to yourself ‘why would somebody share this content?’ And that’s very high-quality content.”

Stuart Dredge, the Guardian

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Pew surveys of audience habits suggest perilous future for news

News organizations have been confronting the problem of a shrinking audience for more than a decade, but trends strongly suggest that these difficulties may only worsen over time. Today’s younger and middle-aged audience seems unlikely to ever match the avid … Read more


This clickbait headline generator will change your life

NewsWhip | TheWrap | Joy Mayer
NewsWhip has a new tool for publishers befuddled by the move from headlines optimized for search engines toward those optimized for sharing.

Its "Clickbait Headline Generator" quickly gives you content like "Is Netflix CEO Reed Hastings getting high with Vladimir Putin?" and "Is John Kerry teasing Ben Affleck at your parents' place?" Throw some pictures under them, fire up Chartbeat and watch your Christmas bonus grow!

The service is not only "definitely a robot, it’s also guaranteed not to be an art project," Tom Lowe writes, referring to the disappointment experienced by a certain segment of Internet elites when they found out the @Horse_ebooks Twitter account was the latter.

The headlines are funny, but the imperative behind such story packaging is deadly serious for publishers. BuzzFeed was the top publisher on Facebook in August 2013. (more...)

Pinterest sees growing number of journalists using the site, makes related changes

Oh, How Pinteresting!
Pinterest introduced new article pins Tuesday; links to articles you've pinned can include a story's headline and byline, plus a description as well as a link. The site says its users share more than 5 million articles each day. In that description, you can also throw in a photo credit.

News organizations with the right code should start seeing "rich pins" Wednesday,  Pinterest spokesperson Malorie Lucich told Poynter in an email. Pinterest is making the change because it's "seeing a growing number or journalists and media sites use Pinterest," Lucich wrote.

Some rich pins from Men's Journal
The site's ability to drive Web traffic may be a draw for news organizations and journalists. BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti said in his interview for the "Riptide" project that Pinterest sends more traffic to his site than Twitter does. (The service is also a great way to search for images, BuzzFeed's Ashley McCollum wrote in May.) Articles shared on Pinterest have an especially long "half-life," John Koetsier wrote in June:

The key difference is that while Pinterest is a social network, it’s also an ideas-and-inspiration website, whereas Twitter and Facebook are social networks with a massive emphasis on immediacy. When people visit Pinterest, they browse, they search, they surf, and they uncover more pins.
Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann recently announced the company would introduce "promoted pins." Such ads "should be about stuff you’re actually interested in, like a delicious recipe, or a jacket that’s your style," Silbermann wrote. (more...)
Mallory Hagan, Nina Davuluri, Crystal Lee

How the entertainment cycle brings out the best & worst journalism

First something crazy happens. It could be DeAndre Jordan making a big dunk, or Miley Cyrus twerking. On Sunday, it was the first Indian-American woman winning the Miss America pageant.

Second, the Internet reacts. We say this as if … Read more

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New York Times experiments with tweetable highlights in ‘SNL’ story

Dave Itzkoff's oral history of "Saturday Night Live" auditions has a new feature for a New York Times article page: highlighted sentences that you can click to tweet.

"It’s a one-off experiment on this story," Times Deputy Editor of Interactive News Marc Lavallee told Poynter by phone. "It’s not like a feature that’s in the pipeline to be rolled out sitewide." The Times is continuing to experiment with article presentation online in advance of a redesign next year.

Itzkoff -- with whom I used to work at Spin -- and social media editor Michael Roston chose the sentences, Lavallee said, at least one of which is actually too long for a tweet. That one gets abridged, Lavallee said. You're not required to tweet the same sentences the Times chose, but a tweet using that link will drop you onto that exact point on the page.

"I think that gives us comfort in providing these prompts without making us feel like we’re putting words in people's mouths," he said. (more...)