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Social media editor role is 'more about an evolution than a contraction'

Is the role of the social media editor really “dead”? Rob Fishman thinks so. In a widely circulated BuzzFeed piece published Wednesday, Fishman argues that newsrooms don't need social media editors like they used to. At many news organizations, “social media” has become something of a catch-all, a not especially descriptive term for highly differentiated functions. Editors think about social sharing as they’re assigning stories; writers use social channels to find sources and confirm leads; designers incorporate social media buttons and widgets into site redesigns; tech teams optimize pages for social discovery; and salespeople increasingly sell brands on their sizable social audiences. Each of these might require its own hire or department. Once the province of a single point man, social media responsibilities are now frequently dispersed across the newsroom. Fishman, a former social editor, quotes one unnamed editor who told him: “I both agree that the social media editor is dead and I just hired a social media editor.” Read More

A journalist's guide to using Tumblr

This morning I wrote about how some newsrooms use Tumblr, but getting to know the site can take awhile. So here’s a quick guide to using Tumblr, with Poynter’s Tumblr page as a reference. This is the Tumblr Dashboard, the first thing Tumblr users see when they visit the site. This is Poynter’s Dash, … Read More