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Inside Advance’s Post-Standard newspaper as it transforms this week to digital first

There’s a small statue of a paperboy inside Stephen A. Rogers’ plush corner office overlooking Clinton Square in downtown Syracuse. In his right hand, the paperboy holds a colorful miniature newspaper, while in his left arm he holds a real $1 bill, folded up and stuffed in place. It’s a perfect parody of the economic realities of the newspaper industry — long held by many as a public service, but still very much subject to market concerns. And it’s a situation that Rogers, the Syracuse Post-Standard’s publisher since 1980, assesses with blunt certitude.

“I used to teach at the Newhouse school, and I would say the very first day, ‘What’s the most important thing a newspaper can do?’ I would hear these great answers: raise hell, protect the poor,” said Rogers on a recent brisk December afternoon. Read more


Reports: Layoffs hit Patriot-News, Post-Standard in shift to fewer print days

The Sentinel | The Patriot-News | | YNN
The Advance-owned Patriot-News laid off “about 70″ employees Monday, Stacy Brown reports for The (Carlisle, Pa.) Sentinel. Brown gets to that figure independently; Patriot-News publisher John Kirkpatrick tells him only, “Cuts were made in other areas related to the fact that the needs of the organization are different when you are printing three days a week, even if those papers look more like Sunday editions than daily editions.”

The Harrisburg, Pa. paper reports some of the people who’ve been offered jobs with the new companies that will publish three days a week starting in January:

Many reporters familiar to readers are receiving job offers. Veteran and well-known journalists such as Jan Murphy, Charles Thompson, Bob Flounders, David Jones, Matt Miller, John Luciew, Joe Hermitt, Sean Simmers, Sue Gleiter, Andrew P.

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Patriot-News, Post-Standard employees to find out today whether they’ll be laid off

The Patriot-News | The Post-Standard
Employees at the (Harrisburg, Pa.) Patriot-News and the (Syracuse, N.Y.) Post-Standard will find out Monday whether they’ll be kept on at new companies that will publish print newspapers three days per week. In Pennsylvania, employees will meet in person with managers:

“The excitement and challenge of starting new companies that can meet the rapidly changing needs of our readers, advertisers and the community are taking a distant back seat today to the needs of dealing the best we can with each person on our staff,” said Patriot-News Publisher and President John Kirkpatrick, who will become president of PA Media Group. “We are all aware that this is an extremely difficult moment for each and every person in our organization.”

70 percent of The Patriot-News’ employees will stay on, an unbylined article says. Read more


Patriot-News staffers will learn next month if they’ve lost their jobs

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Two hundred and thirty employees of the (Harrisburg, Pa.) Patriot-News will be notified by the first week of October whether they’ll keep their jobs, the Associated Press reports.

In late August the Pulitzer Prize-winning Patriot-News and The (Syracuse, N.Y.) Post-Standard announced they would reduce print frequency and cut staff. Both papers are owned by Advance, which has put similar plans into motion in Michigan, New Orleans and Alabama. Read more


Harrisburg, Syracuse cuts come as print circulation slides

The decision by Advance Newspapers to cut back to three days of print publishing at the Harrisburg Patriot-News and the Syracuse Post-Standard comes amid slides in print circulation at the papers.

Recent reports from the Audit Bureau of Circulations show print sales — not counting branded and digital editions, which ABC now allows publishers to add to their print circulation — dropping pretty steeply in Harrisburg and Syracuse, while digital audiences get stronger. Read more