Why 3 Canadian newspapers gave up on the tablet edition

Post Media Tablet art (courtesy of Garcia Media)Those wonderfully produced tablet editions of the Postmedia group in Canada have ceased to exist. Yet, other tablet editions in Canada appear to thrive. What gives? The Postmedia tablet editions are now history. They went from the infant to the toddler stage to the end in a relatively short period. They were … Read More

How Flipboard just created 50 million magazine editors

Inside Flipboard | All Things D | Giga Om If you wanted to draw up a plan for drastically remaking the landscape of mobile news discovery, it might look something like this: 1) Release a beautiful news aggregating app that attracts 50 million readers, then 2) Empower those readers as curators who can create thousands of hand-picked digital magazines. Flipboard, one of the most popular news-reading mobile apps, has just done that. It is shifting its focus toward empowering users to create their own curated "magazines" for others to read. "Now everyone can be a reader and an editor," a company blog post says. Read More