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Christopher Callahan, dean of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications, at the downtown campus of Arizona State University Friday, Nov. 14, 2008 in Phoenix.  (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

How journalism schools can innovate by teaching tech reporting

Almost every journalism school either has or intends to revisit what they teach. Even before Knight Foundation’s Eric Newton led the call for a reformation of journalism schools, the momentum was clear: there was going to be educational disruption, … Read more


Bloomberg News’ parent will invest in startups

The New York Times | BuzzFeed
Bloomberg Beta, a $75 million venture capital fund, "is the first time that Bloomberg L.P. will reap profits from direct investments in some of the technology companies that its news operation covers," Nicole Perlroth reports in The New York Times.
It is already an awkward time for the company, which is under fire because its reporters used Bloomberg’s financial terminals to snoop on companies they covered, including Goldman Sachs, and the fund raises questions on journalism ethics.

Digitimes, perennial Apple rumormonger, is usually wrong

Time Techland
The latest rumor of a new Apple product prompted Harry McCracken to check the track record of Digitimes, the Taiwan-based website that frequently cites "industry sources" in passing along rumors of new products and features. Turns out Digitimes' crystal ball is pretty cloudy (which means it must not be made by Apple):
When it comes to the big Apple stories, it’s wrong most of the time. Sometimes wildly so. ... At least some of its sources appear to be so lousy that suppressing their scuttlebutt would make more sense than publicizing it — and partway through its stories, it sometimes stops hedging and starts stating the rumor as fact.
McCracken was able to assess the accuracy of 21 of 25 stories (the remaining four could turn out to be accurate) and found that 16 were completely or largely "off-base." His advice: Ignore Digitimes' stories unless you can confirm them. On a related note, did you hear about Apple's latest game-changer, the iTV? || Related: David Cohn says everyone who can report substantially on tech industry is beholden to itIs tech blogging over, or entering a new golden age?

(Thanks to Sarah F. Kessler for pointing this out.)

Writers who left AOL’s Engadget to start new gadget site

New York Times
Former Engadget editor Josh Topolsky and about eight of ex-Engadget staffers plan to launch a new site with Jim Bankoff, a former AOL exec who now runs SB Nation. "While there may still be a brand called Engadget at AOL, the people who made it a highly regarded site in a crowded category will be gone," writes David Carr.

Bloomberg TV launches tech-news show from SF

San Francisco Chronicle
"Bloomberg West" debuts today. "The whole world does not revolve around an East Coast perspective," says Bloomberg TV's San Francisco bureau chief Jeff Taylor. "Increasingly, the trends in our lives are getting driven in some meaningful way by the technology developed here on the West Coast."

Tech firms help news sites with Mobile World Congress expenses

Romenesko Misc.
ReadWriteMobile discloses that "the author's travel, hotel and conferences expenses were paid for by Qualcomm. They did not request this coverage, it's just interesting." Business Insider's Dan Frommer tells readers that "Samsung was generous enough to sponsor our trip to Barcelona. So we're feeling pretty warm and fuzzy about Samsung right now!" He adds: "We don't think that our Mobile World Congress coverage will be different as a result." || Dylan Tweney "@wired paid our own way."