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With new sections, The Atlantic aims at covering the long and the short of Washington

After spending months retooling the way it reports on the nation's capital, The Atlantic on Thursday launched new sections aimed at capturing the attention of policy wonks and political junkies alike. The new verticals — dubbed "Politics and Policy" and "2016 Distilled" — are part of an effort by The Atlantic to maintain a presence in two different but interconnected … Read More

The best-read digital story of 2015? It's The Atlantic's 'What ISIS Really Wants.'

Metrics now allow a fairly exact measure of which stories attract the most readers and hold them for the longest time. By that standard, there will be one story best in engagement in a given year. For 2015, that was The Atlantic's "What ISIS Really Wants," according to Chartbeat, which earlier this month published a first attempt to crunch … Read More

Atlantic Media downsizes National Journal in D.C. shakeup

Atlantic Media will cut the staff at National Journal by a quarter as part of a broader reorganization of its D.C. presence, the company announced today. National Journal, considered a must-read among policy wonks and influencers in Washington, D.C., will transition to a subscriber-focused outlet as its parent company expands the Beltway footprint of its sister publication, The Atlantic. The … Read More

5 lessons from The Atlantic's redesign

Screenshot, The Atlantic. The Atlantic unveiled a redesign on Tuesday, and I spoke with Libby Bawcombe, The Atlantic's digital design director, via email about the redesign, what worked, what didn't and if they had any surprises. Here's what she said: A/B testing helped with choices before the redesign: "We continually measure how readers use our … Read More

Career Beat: Javier Zarracina is graphics editor at Vox

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community: Alexandra Manzano is now deputy social media editor for the Los Angeles Times. Previously, she was social media editor at The Oregonian. (@AliManzano) Javier Zarracina is now graphics editor at Vox. Previously, he was graphics and data editor at the Los Angeles Times. (Email) Raúl Martinez is now … Read More

James Fallows' adventures with sponsored content

The Atlantic James Fallows, a national correspondent with The Atlantic, was getting tired of being inundated with pitches from advertisers to put a "sponsored content" article on the magazine's website. But he was also getting a little intrigued by how such a deal would be structured. So he replied to one such pitch and pretended to be interested. The … Read More

Here's where all those New Republic staffers are going

The messy and public firing of New Republic editor Franklin Foer in December prompted a wave of resignations from staffers at the magazine who foreswore the leadership of incoming editor Gabriel Snyder. A running tally of journalists who resigned in protest compiled by New Yorker correspondent Ryan Lizza included many from the upper ranks of the magazine. In … Read More

Leon Wieseltier joins The Atlantic

Leon Wieseltier, the former New Republic literary editor in charge of the magazine's books and arts coverage, has joined The Atlantic as a contributing editor and critic, the magazine announced Monday. Wieseltier, a longtime New Republic editor, was among the first to announce his departure from the magazine during a shakeup that included the ousting of then-editor Franklin Foer. Read More