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Former staffers share regrets, blame for The Daily’s demise

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You might think you've read enough about The Daily's demise -- our analysis, others' analysis and then the analysis of the analysis. But Michael Moynihan puts a nice bow on the story with a good "view from inside the collapse."

The Daily Beast writer interviewed six of the iPad news publication's laid-off employees. One big revelation: There's a lot more of them than previously thought.

News Corp. initially said "technology and other assets from The Daily, including some staff, will be folded into The Post." Moynihan reports only two editorial staffers have been retained by the Post so far: editor-in-chief Jesse Angelo and gossip columnist Richard Johnson. (more...)
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2 major lessons from the demise of The Daily

The publisher of News Corp.’s The Daily said earlier this year that the iPad-only publication might need a few more years to be profitable. Today the company announced it won’t get that chance.

Although it has been one of the … Read more


News Corp. names new head of publishing division, new WSJ editor, folds ‘The Daily’

News Corp. announced details Monday describing how it will split the company, while naming Robert Thomson the new CEO of its publishing division, while promoting Gerard Baker to lead Dow Jones and become managing editor of The Wall Street Journal.

The company announces in the press release:
In keeping with the company’s 60-year heritage of bringing news to the world, the publishing entity will retain the name News Corporation. The media and entertainment company, which began in earnest when Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch acquired 20th Century Fox and launched the Fox Network more than 25 years ago, will be named Fox Group.

As previously announced, Rupert Murdoch will serve as Chairman of the new News Corporation and Chairman and CEO of Fox Group. Chase Carey will serve as President and Chief Operating Officer of Fox Group, with James Murdoch continuing in his capacity as Deputy Chief Operating Officer.
As part of its realignment, News Corp. will fold iPad publication, The Daily, it says. "Technology and other assets from The Daily, including some staff, will be folded into The Post," and the publication's editor-in-chief, Jesse Angelo, will become publisher of the New York Post, where he has been executive editor. In the release, Rupert Murdoch said: (more...)

How news organizations are taking advantage of the latest iPad’s features

The newest iPad has ushered in a new high-resolution Retina Display that renders text that’s similar to the quality you see in print.

The core of most news apps is the printed word. The coarse typography of the iPad 1 … Read more


The Daily turns 1 with 100k subscribers, but may be years away from profit

A year ago today Rupert Murdoch stood on a stage at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City and unveiled the first “newspaper” built exclusively for the iPad — The Daily.

The News Corp. CEO set a high bar. He … Read more


Was ‘The Daily’ iPad magazine launched ahead of its time?

The Wrap At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, David Brinker, The Daily’s senior vice president of business development and operations, mentioned the iPad magazine's one-year anniversary is coming Feb. 2. Then, Lucas Shaw reports, he said: “Maybe that should have been the date we launched the app the first time.” But that doesn't make it a failure, Brinker said: “If the marketplace takes three years to develop, just because you put out the product in year one doesn’t mean it won’t pay in three years.” || Related: The Daily to launch on Android tablets ( || Earlier: With just 120,000 weekly readers, The Daily prospects look dim (

The Daily scolds UK’s Daily Mail for lifting its Scientology series

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Staffers from the Daily iPad newspaper spent more than five weeks of reporting, writing, fact-checking and editing a two-part report on the most prestigious boarding school in the Scientology world. Last Friday -- two days after the Daily's series concluded -- a remarkably similar story appeared in the Daily Mail. "Same quotes, same details, same ideas," writes Benjamin Carlson. "In fact, there was no information in it that wasn’t contained in my article. How odd! Yet there was not one little link to our story anywhere at all (although they were kind enough to mention us a few times)." He points out that "it wasn’t quite plagiarism — that’s not how they make the sausage at the Mail. But they do run an impressive grinder and our story just got stuffed into it that day. Different product, same meat." || Earlier stories:
* Daily Mail lifts from WP, then asks for help getting a photo
* Daily Mail uses blogger's photos after she denies them permission
* Daily Mail runs NYT story and slaps its reporter's byline on it

With just 120,000 weekly readers, The Daily prospects look dim

Bloomberg | paidContent
The Daily has just 120,000 readers each week, far short of the 500,000 that it needs to break even, reports Bloomberg's Edmund Lee. “The Daily’s proving to be a great R&D experiment but probably not a viable business,” news industry analyst Ken Doctor says. Staci Kramer at paidContent does the math based on how many people likely are paying for The Daily and figures that the publication is running a large deficit every week, even without accounting for initial investments, subscription discounts and Apple's cut. "The shelf life of other News Corp. digital experiments suggests the Daily isn’t likely to survive, no matter how respectable the numbers, unless it shows real signs it can get in the black," she writes. Doctor suggests that one lesson is that it's hard for a new brand to make it on a new platform. Kramer, though, says that when you compare The Daily's numbers to Hearst and Conde Nast publications, it doesn't look as bad. || Earlier: "The Daily" iPad app approaching 1 million downloadsWho exactly is the intended audience of The Daily?

How The Daily’s David Knowles came up with the ‘Best. Lede. Ever.’

Romenesko Misc. | The Daily
He coulda been a credenza. That lede on David Knowles' piece about the estate of Marlon Brando suing a retailer over its "Brando" furniture line has gone viral. "I've been pretty surprised by the reaction," Knowles tells me. "Right away, I heard back from a few editors at the Daily. Messages like "Best. Lede. Ever." Great to have that kind of encouragement from the people one works with." On Thursday - the day after the story ran - there were plaudits in his inbox and on his Facebook page, some from Daily colleagues, and a few from old friends. Knowles writes in an email:

By mid-day we saw that journalists and professors were re-tweeting it, and then knew that we should try to push it a bit further in the social media sphere. As far as I know there are no awards for best lede, but Jebediah Reed (at the Daily) nominated it for that category. FARK ended up picking up the story yesterday, and I'm still seeing tweets and getting e-mail about it. Essentially, I think it worked because it made people laugh and distilled the essence of the dust up between a film icon and a furniture company.

The idea for it came as Mike Nizza (the Daily's Managing Editor) and I were joking around via IM. We often do that when discussing discussing how to attack a story. We were sending potential hashtags about the piece back and forth. Can't remember them all, but one was #Kurtzsectionals, and then I typed #icouldabeenacredenza. That got a laugh, but he didn't say, Yes, that's the lede! Cracking jokes in a lede is a tricky matter, especially when there's a serious matter you're covering (even a lawsuit), but I decided to go for it in this case.

What's your second best lede? I asked. "I don't know. I've written 2-3 pieces per day for about 5 years now, and none of the ledes have ever garnered this much response. Probably, I'll end up putting it on my tombstone: Here lies the man who wrote the lede "He coulda been a credenza."


Zinio, New York Post, The Daily make list of top-grossing news iPad apps

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Several newspaper and magazine iPad apps are on the top-grossing list for the iTunes store. The leader among them is Zinio, a newsstand-style app that manages distribution of single issues of many popular magazines. National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Macworld and Maxim are among the best-sellers within Zinio. Further down the list are other standalone apps from publishers that charge users to download the app, subscribe to content or purchase single issues:
#3 Zinio #12 New York Post #13 The Daily #19 Comixology #24 People #26 Marvel Comics #42 The New Yorker #65 NYTimes for iPad #72 O the Oprah Magazine #73 DC Comics #85 GQ #86 National Geographic #97 Vanity Fair #105 Popular Science #115 Wired #118 Popular Mechanics
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