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How The Daily’s David Knowles came up with the ‘Best. Lede. Ever.’

Romenesko Misc. | The Daily
He coulda been a credenza. That lede on David Knowles’ piece about the estate of Marlon Brando suing a retailer over its “Brando” furniture line has gone viral. “I’ve been pretty surprised by the reaction,” Knowles tells me. “Right away, I heard back from a few editors at the Daily. Messages like “Best. Lede. Ever.” Great to have that kind of encouragement from the people one works with.” On Thursday – the day after the story ran – there were plaudits in his inbox and on his Facebook page, some from Daily colleagues, and a few from old friends. Knowles writes in an email:

By mid-day we saw that journalists and professors were re-tweeting it, and then knew that we should try to push it a bit further in the social media sphere.

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Zinio, New York Post, The Daily make list of top-grossing news iPad apps

Min Online
Several newspaper and magazine iPad apps are on the top-grossing list for the iTunes store. The leader among them is Zinio, a newsstand-style app that manages distribution of single issues of many popular magazines. National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Macworld and Maxim are among the best-sellers within Zinio. Further down the list are other standalone apps from publishers that charge users to download the app, subscribe to content or purchase single issues:

#3 Zinio
#12 New York Post
#13 The Daily
#19 Comixology
#24 People
#26 Marvel Comics
#42 The New Yorker
#65 NYTimes for iPad
#72 O the Oprah Magazine
#73 DC Comics
#85 GQ
#86 National Geographic
#97 Vanity Fair
#105 Popular Science
#115 Wired
#118 Popular Mechanics

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News Corp.’s The Daily uses drone aircraft, draws FAA review

ForbesThe Observer
The Daily, News Corp’s iPad publication, is drawing scrutiny from the Federal Aviation Administration for its use of drone aircraft to take aerial news photos and video. Forbes writer Kashmir Hill reports that the FAA is reviewing whether this violates federal policies that allow hobbyists to fly unmanned aircraft below 400 feet and limit civil and commercial use to research and development. Hill notes that “the agency is planning to revisit — and possibly relax — those regulations this year.” Read more

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Who exactly is the intended audience of The Daily?

New York Observer
The Daily staffers are told they’re writing for Middle America as opposed to the New York media elite, reports Kat Stoeffel. “With the exception of the gossip and sports sections, the subjects of the exclusives are usually on the fringe of the national discussion — quirky national defense programs, counterintuitive health studies, portraits of small towns affected by inclement weather, photogenic animals,” she notes.

For outside observers and staffers alike, it can be hard to picture The Daily’s ideal reader – the person for whom the contents the paper constitute the most satisfying view of the world.

What The Daily does offer, one imagines, is some insight into the mind of Rupert Murdoch. He is the only person we know who reads it every day.

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‘A cautionary tale for anyone considering freelancing for The Daily’

Romenesko Letters
Barbara Correa says she got an assignment from The Daily about the business implications of Oprah’s final program and was offered 75 cents a word. She wrote the story, turned it in and got an acknowledgement from an editor. “That was the last I ever heard from [him]. The man is now MIA. He hasn’t responded to repeated phone calls or emails,” she writes in a letter to Romenesko. “I understand that in the current environment of media chaos, editors are often left on their own to somehow deliver brilliant, cheap content in the blink of an eye. That means writers sometimes get shuffled around or ignored. I get that. But for an editor of a much-publicized magazine backed by Rupert Murdoch, it seems a bit extreme to make a work for hire assignment and then completely blow off the other party.” I emailed The Daily editor for a response and he promised to pay Correa a kill fee. Read more


Murdoch’s The Daily loses an art director recruited from NYT

The Huffington Post
Gabriel Dance is the seventh staffer to leave The Daily since February’s launch. (In 2009, he was one of the “New York Times Renegades” profiled by New York magazine — described as a “a talkative 27-year-old with two earrings and a love of “The Big Lebowski.”) Dance, who was art director for news, wouldn’t discuss his Daily departure, but a spokeperson for the iPad newspaper says that “seven employees turning over out of a staff of more than a hundred in a nine month period sounds perfectly normal to us.” Here’s what Michael Calderone is told about The Daily:

Former staffers say there were frequent technical problems and suggest The Daily may have launched too soon. There was also confusion regarding The Daily’s intended audience.

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‘The Daily’ iPad app approaching 1 million downloads

News Corp.’s iPad-only publication “The Daily” has been downloaded almost a million times, Publisher Greg Clayman said Wednesday at TechCrunch Disrupt. Of course, downloads don’t necessarily equal subscribers; users can download The Daily for free, but they must pay $1 a week or $40 a year for content. (Content was free from the Feb. 2 launch until March 21.) But, Clayman noted, “We are consistently now in the top-grossing apps, in the top 10 or top 12.” Today it is No. 9 overall and No. 2 in the News category, behind Wired magazine.

The Daily is the No. 2 top grossing news app in the iTunes App Store on May 25.
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The Daily is losing audience over time rather than gaining it

Nieman Journalism Lab
“The data doesn’t look good for The Daily,” writes Joshua Benton. “Its activity on Twitter seems to match my own perceptions of how they’re doing — an early rush of excitement; a decline as people lost interest and the app struggled with technical problems; a plateau once the tech got sorted out; and then another decline once the app started charging users.” Read more


Study of iPad users identifies obstacles for Murdoch’s The Daily

Romenesko Misc.
The obstacles identified by iPad users surveyed by media research firm knowDigital “include the perception among those with the greatest interest in news that The Daily’s content is lacking, that superior content is available elsewhere online for free and the expectation that apps are purchased through one-time transactions, as opposed to the recurring subscription model The Daily employs.” (Read the PDF report.) The release is after the jump. Read more


Larry Kramer: I’ll pay for, but not The Daily
New York Times content “has already proven its value to me over the many years I have consumed it, in print and on line,” writes MarketWatch founder Larry Kramer. “I was excited about seeing how The Daily could capture me with creative use of a new storytelling medium, it didn’t do that. … Its stories were not markedly better than those available to me from other sources.”
The Daily has more than 5,000 subs, says publisher Read more

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