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With its website redesign, the New Republic wants to 'move away from the mushy middle'

The New Republic, which underwent a print redesign earlier this year, today unveiled its digital relaunch. Gabriel Snyder, the editor of the New Republic, was tired of seeing good ideas "disappear into the ether" of Slack, the messaging app used by the magazine's staffers to trade observations, witticisms and arguments. When the New Republic embarked upon a digital overhaul earlier … Read More

The (new) New Republic: How the magazine's bosses are building a company around 'novel solutions'

It's been more than eight months since Gabriel Snyder penned a note to readers upon ascending to the editorship of the New Republic amid one of the most tumultuous periods in the history of the century-old magazine. His predecessor, Franklin Foer, resigned upon learning that owner Chris Hughes had already selected a replacement editor to work with CEO … Read More

Indemnity clauses leave freelancers open to lawsuits

Forbes contributor Dolia Estevez is on her own. Two years ago, Estevez identified a former spokesperson for Mexican president Felipe Calderon as one of the “10 most corrupt Mexicans of 2013” in a story she wrote on the Forbes website.  The spokesperson sued Forbes and Estevez under New York law. The claims were various: one for defamation, against … Read More

Steven Brill says Chris Hughes is 'not a man of his word'

Brill. (AP Image) The New York Observer Steven Brill sat down with The New York Observer last week to talk about a wide variety of media issues, including his new, tantalizingly undefined project with former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson. While he was at it, he shared his less-than-flattering opinion of Chris Hughes, the owner of … Read More

The New Republic and The Marshall Project go on a 'blind date'

The New Republic and The Marshall Project on Friday jointly published "Inexcusable Absences," a reported look at the legal questions surrounding school attendance laws. The article is the first collaboration between The New Republic and The Marshall Project, a relatively young nonprofit news organization dedicated to criminal justice reporting. For The Marshall Project, the collaboration is a "blind … Read More

Career Beat: Julia Ioffe joins The New York Times Magazine

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community: Julia Ioffe will be a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine. Previously, she was a senior editor of The New Republic. Jaime Fuller is joining New York magazine. She writes for The Fix blog at The Washington Post. Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig will be a staff writer at … Read More

Here's where all those New Republic staffers are going

The messy and public firing of New Republic editor Franklin Foer in December prompted a wave of resignations from staffers at the magazine who foreswore the leadership of incoming editor Gabriel Snyder. A running tally of journalists who resigned in protest compiled by New Yorker correspondent Ryan Lizza included many from the upper ranks of the magazine. In … Read More

Leon Wieseltier joins The Atlantic

Leon Wieseltier, the former New Republic literary editor in charge of the magazine's books and arts coverage, has joined The Atlantic as a contributing editor and critic, the magazine announced Monday. Wieseltier, a longtime New Republic editor, was among the first to announce his departure from the magazine during a shakeup that included the ousting of then-editor Franklin Foer. Read More