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OC Register strikes content-sharing deal with news nonprofit

OC Weekly | Voice of OC The Orange County Register has formed a content-sharing deal with the news nonprofit Voice of OC, OC Weekly Editor Gustavo Arellano reported Monday. Reached by email Monday, Voice of OC Editor-in-Chief Norberto Santana Jr. said Arellano's account was "accurate... About our syndication deal with OCR." Arellano torched the deal, saying Voice of OC "just sold out any indie cred it had built up by becoming [Register owner Aaron] Kushner's useful idiot."
But the only winner in all this is Kushner. The Voice of OC loses by entering into an agreement with their competitor, a competitor they have wonderfully exposed as a hater of journalism ethics in the past--wish I could be the fly in the wall in Kushner's office next time the Voice of OC ever do a story like that, if they ever bother with that beat again. Register readers lose out by allowing Kushner to pass off sloppy seconds to them, all the while as he insists he's giving them a superior using a competitor. The Reg newsroom loses out, as this syndication deal amounts to a vote of no confidence by Kushner and Curley, and an indication that any future hires won't go to the investigations team--so much for any commitment to actual hard news!
Santana writes that the Register will "run our stories on local government, basically akin to a wire service agreement." Voice of OC will "get monetization for stories they run, and obviously increase our reach into Orange County ensuring that the community gets solid coverage of municipal affairs from a non-profit newsroom just focused on city hall coverage." It will assign its own stories, Santana writes, and the Register has the choice of running them. He continues: (more...)

Kushner: ‘Only in the newspaper business’ would L.A. Register’s launch draw criticism

Los Angeles Register | LA Observed | Associated Press | Reuters
The Los Angeles Register launches Wednesday. Owners Aaron Kushner and Eric Spitz "are hand-delivering copies of the newspaper on Wednesday to business and civic leaders across Los Angeles," the paper says in a press release.

Wednesday's L.A. Register (photograph by Sandee Oshiro)
The paper promises heavy local coverage and opinion columnists who "will bring a right-of-center perspective and engage in civil debate," as well as "more than a dozen new community editions," the release says. Some of the staff moving north from the Register's homebase in Orange County, where Kushner publishes the Orange County Register, include sports columnist T.J. Simers; food writers Brad A. Johnson, Nancy Luna and Cathy Thomas; and film critic Michael Sragow. (more...)

Henry Waxman retires — must be the scoldings from media critics

Orange County Register | Reuters
U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman announced plans to retire Thursday. In a statement on his website, the California Democrat said he was "not leaving out of frustration with Congress" and that it was "time for someone else to have the chance to make his or her mark." All excellent, plausible reasons to leave a job after 20 terms in office. But I know the real reason he left -- he couldn't handle the disapproval of media critics!

Oh sure, you say, media critics are the least-feared workers of the journalistic trade, people who pounce on typos and plagiarism scandals as if they were of equal importance. You might even make the case that Waxman isn't aware of media criticism (as if such a thing were possible). I'm just saying, the timing is suspicious, that's all. Consider: (more...)

OC Register changes editors

Orange County Register | OC Weekly | Jim Romenesko | LA Observed
Rob Curley is the new editor of the Orange County Register. He replaces Ken Brusic, who the Register says is "stepping down as part of a reorganization of the newspaper's newsroom."

Register business editor Donna Wares will be managing editor and will be in charge of the paper's planned Los Angeles edition. The Register laid off 32 in its newsroom, Publisher Aaron Kushner told his paper.

Gustavo Arellano reports Brusic was reluctant to implement cuts Kushner wanted. Jim Romenesko passes along a comment from a tipster characterizing layoffs at the paper as a "blood bath."

Register journalists in 2012. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
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O.C. Register owner plans new daily paper in Los Angeles

Orange County Register | Los Angeles Times | KPCC
Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner plans to launch a daily paper in Los Angeles called the Los Angeles Register. He told staff of his plans in a meeting Thursday, Mary Ann Milbourn reports.

The new paper will have "not quite the heft of the Orange County Register," Kushner said, and it will be produced by the O.C. Register's existing staff, Milbourn reports. It will have an L.A. office, he told Milbourn.

Kushner told the Los Angeles Times' Andrea Chang the new paper will "hire editorial staff externally and transfer some existing employees to the L.A. office."

The paper will be distributed to the "entire Los Angeles area,” a Freedom Communications spokesperson told Wendy Lee. (more...)

Dallas Morning News will print Star-Telegram, which plans layoffs

Dallas Morning News | Fort Worth Star-Telegram | Los Angeles Times The Dallas Morning News will start printing the Fort Worth Star-Telegram next year, Gary Jacobson reports. Two hundred and seventy-five people will lose their jobs, 75 of them full-time positions, because of the move. “This makes all the sense in the world,” said Morning News Publisher and A.H. Belo CEO Jim Moroney, according to Jacobson. The Star-Telegram plans to sell its printing facility. Its publisher, Gary Wortel, tells his paper that "one added convenience for Sunday subscribers is that they will begin receiving their advertising circulars in a sealed plastic bag." (more...)

Long Beach Register, New Orleans Advocate debut

The Long Beach (Calif.) Register debuted Monday. “We’re not going to let a competitor come into our city and take it,” Los Angeles News Group's Michael A. Anastasi told the Associated Press. His company produces the (Long Beach) Press-Telegram. In other newspaper war news, The (Baton Rouge) Advocate launched its redesigned New Orleans edition Sunday. It will compete with The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune, which does not publish a traditional home-delivered edition on Monday but does produce a "street" edition. To the front pages!
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OC Register drops adult ads

OC Weekly

An Orange County Register spokesperson confirms a report in the OC Weekly that the news organization will no longer accept adult ads.

The Weekly's Gustavo Arellano quoted a letter from Michael H. Burns, The Orange County Register's senior vice president for sales and marketing:
"While we wish you much success in your business, we believe the decision to not accept advertising of this category serves in the best interest of our audience."
Register spokesperson Eric Morgan tells Poynter in an email that the letter went out in late April and was "sent to select businesses who operate gentleman's clubs and massage parlors that include suggestive language such as 'fully nude club,' 'private rooms' and 'sexy girls' to advertise their services." (more...)

The week in OC Register

Orange County Register | Nieman Journalism Lab | Los Angeles Times | SoCal Connected
The launch on Tuesday of the Orange County Register's online paywall is only the latest in a string of changes brought on by publisher and CEO Aaron Kushner. The business practices and philosophy he and Freedom Communications President Eric Spitz are bringing to the newsroom have garnered plenty of attention from the industry.

Most recently, Kushner and Spitz told readers the implementation of the paywall is proof "we are dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our loyal customers, and we understand how frustrating it can be to know that others are getting for free the same value you are paying for."  Ken Doctor wrote about the move for Nieman Journalism Lab, noting that Spitz said there were "four things that are totally unique" about the way the Register is restricting access. (more...)

Aaron Kushner: ‘We don’t like negative political advertisements’

Voice of OC
The Orange County Register banned "ads that challenge politicians by name" following complaints from local politicos, Adam Elmahrek reports. Anaheim city councilmembers Kris Murray and Gail Eastman were "infuriated" by ads local activist and blogger Jason Young placed in the paper, Elmahrek writes, "and according to multiple sources, the two made their feelings clear during a meet-and-greet session with Eric Spitz, who along with Aaron Kushner, purchased the newspaper last year."

Kushner told Elmahrek the politicians' dismay didn't affect the paper's policy, writing in an email:
“We don't like negative political advertisements and believe that if we are doing our job, they should undergo a greater level of systematic scrutiny. We take our responsibilities to Orange County seriously so when we see opportunities to improve, we accept that responsibility and strive to do so,” Kushner wrote.
Young shares an email chain he says is with a Register ad rep who tells him "the last ad that ran created some heat" and that "I got an email just saying that political ads must be reviewed before they get released." Young submitted the text of a proposed ad to the rep, who told him s/he had "submitted the copy that you sent me to management and I am very sorry but it was not approved." (more...)