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The Oregon standoff is over, but the story hasn't ended for The Oregonian

Earlier this afternoon, the last holdout from a group of armed protesters that seized federal buildings near the town of Burns, Oregon gave himself up. David Fry's surrender marked the end of a 41-day standoff that's seen scrutiny from national and regional outlets alike. But for The Oregonian, which has been covering the occupation since it began in … Read More

Advance defends bonuses for reporters who post frequently and join comment chains

Advance's quota and bonus system at The Oregonian came in for heavy criticism last week, prompting a rejoinder from the typically close-mouthed private company. In a note to senior executives shared with Poynter, Advance Local's President Randy Siegel says that each newsroom "decides how to structure its own bonus program and what qualitative and quantitative criteria will be used." … Read More

Oregonian to reduce home delivery, lay off staff

Oregonian | Willamette Week The Oregonian announced Thursday that it will be reducing home international delivery to four days a week. The paper will deliver on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will continue to publish daily. N. Christian Anderson III announced that "newsroom layoffs are beginning immediately" and that staffers will know by Friday morning if they've been laid off, Willamette Week's Aaron Mesh reports. Read More