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Providence Journal editor’s daughter remembers her dad

Carolyn Wyman got a few facts very wrong in a story in her first job in journalism. She talked about those mistakes with her dad, James Wyman, who was then the editor at The Providence (Rhode Island) Journal.

“I was pretty upset about it, but he was more measured,” Carolyn Wyman told Poynter in an email, “acknowledging that I had better be a lot more careful while at the same time, making me feel like it was fixable, not making me feel like I should just hang it up.”

Her dad was good with people, always measured, “and when I find myself in a tough psychodynamic spot, I almost automatically think about how my dad would handle the situation and try to do likewise.”

James Wyman spent 44 years at the Journal and retired as executive editor. He died May 9 at his home in South Kingston, Rhode Island. He was 90. Read more

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New revenue at Dallas Morning News offsets majority of print-revenue declines

A.H. Belo

At The Dallas Morning News, revenue from new businesses “offset about 60 percent of the core print advertising revenue declines in the fourth quarter and about 70 percent of these declines for the full-year 2013,” A.H. Belo CEO Jim Moroney said in the company’s fourth-quarter and full-year earnings report Wednesday.

Digital revenue at the Morning News was up 9 percent in 2013, “primarily due to the continued growth in marketing services revenue associated with 508 Digital and Speakeasy,” the report says. 508 Digital is an agency set up to sell “digital solutions” to local businesses and Speakeasy is a joint venture with an ad agency intended to “create and manage campaigns for local and national brands.”

The company’s overall digital revenue was up only 7 percent, though, offset by losses at The Providence Journal, the report says. Overall advertising revenue was down 4 percent for the year, circulation revenue was up 2 percent and printing revenue was up 6 percent. Read more


Providence Journal may be sold

The Providence Journal | A.H. Belo | WPRI

Providence Journal Publisher Howard G. Sutton told employees Wednesday morning that the paper’s owner, A.H. Belo, is exploring a sale of the publication, Paul Edward Parker reports.

Selling the newspaper “would allow the Company to continue to focus resources and management time and attention on its core Dallas market,” an A.H. Belo press release says. The company also owns The Dallas Morning News and the Denton Record-Chronicle. It recently sold The (Riverside, Calif.) Press-Enterprise to Aaron Kushner.

The Journal’s average Sunday circulation was 105,810 in September, down 11 percent from the previous year. Its average weekday circulation was 106,605, down about 7 percent from September 2012. The paper’s “advertising revenue has plunged 66% since 2005, falling to $46 million last year,” WPRI’s Ted Nesi reports. The paper offered buyouts in September, and 12 people took them. In April, the Journal named Karen A. Read more


A dozen at Providence Journal take buyouts, but layoffs still loom

WPRI | Rhode Island Public Radio

Twelve Providence Newspaper Guild members have taken buyouts from The Providence Journal, Ted Nesi reports, but Guild President John Hill still expects layoffs.

Four of the 12 worked in the newsroom. Between them, Nesi and Rhode Island Public Radio’s Ian Donnis report that Tracy Breton, religion reporter Richard Dujardin and editorial board member Froma Harrop have taken the packages. Hill told Nesi he expects layoffs by the end of the month.

The Journal laid off 23 people last November. Its March 2013 publisher’s statement filed with the Alliance for Audited Media showed average Sunday circulation at 111,404, down about 9 percent from the same month the year before. Ad sales at the A.H. Belo-owned paper fell 14 percent this past spring, the company said in an SEC filing. It announced in September it would seek 30 job cuts. Read more


Providence Journal appoints first female executive editor

The Providence Journal
Karen A. Bordeleau is the new executive editor of The Providence Journal, the paper announced Thursday. She succeeds Thomas E. Heslin, who the announcement says “is retiring for health reasons.”

Bordeleau is the first woman to edit the 183-year-old paper. She began at the paper in 1996 and is also an adjunct professor at Emerson College, where she teaches ethics. She’s been the paper’s acting executive editor since June.

The Journal sought staff members to take buyouts last fall. Eleven did. The paper reportedly laid off 23 staffers in November. When I called to verify some of those layoffs, Bordeleau took the call.

Here’s the memo to employees from Publisher Howard Sutton: Read more


3 photographers among those laid off at Providence Journal

WRNI | The Providence Journal | Jim Romenesko
Three photographers were among the 23 employees let go by The Providence Journal in layoffs Wednesday, Ian Donnis reports.

Connie Grosch, John Freidah and Ruben W. Perez lost their jobs in the purge. Grosch, Donnis writes,

is well known for her coverage of the Statehouse. She’s been a mainstay of the Smith Hill media for many years, offering insight into the human quality of politics through her photography.

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Providence Journal guild willing to discuss alternatives to layoffs

WPRI | Rhode Island Public Radio
Staffers at the A.H. Belo-owned Providence (R.I.) Journal have until Monday at 5 p.m. ET to volunteer to take buyouts, which the paper said it would seek on Sept. 7. Belo hasn’t said how many buyouts it’s looking for, but Ted Nesi reports that the Providence Newspaper Guild sent management a letter Friday asking “for a chance to discuss other ways of saving money before the company moves forward with layoffs.”

Guild President John Hill told Nesi that “we want to see if there’s something we can do,” even though the paper and the Guild have a contract in force.

Hill noted that the Journal’s union is the only Newspaper Guild local in New England where workers haven’t taken a pay cut since 2008. “We dodged that then,” he said, though other cuts were made. Furloughs and temporary pay cuts “are the obvious places where you can get the most bang for your buck, but again, that will be up to the membership.”

The Guild says it’ll discuss possible concessions with members before it makes any offers. Read more


Providence Journal to cut staff

WPRI | Providence Newspaper Guild
The Providence Journal will offer buyouts to employees and impose layoffs if it doesn’t get enough takers, Ted Nesi reports. Employees have until Sept. 17 to volunteer; their last day at work will be Sept. 30.

The Guild doesn’t know how many employees A.H. Belo, which owns The Journal, is targeting. Anyone accepting the buyout will receive “1.25 weeks of base pay for each continuous year of service at The Journal, capped at 10 weeks,” Nesi writes, citing a Guild report. The paper offered buyouts last December; the company “needs ‘significantly more’ ” employees to leave, the Guild says.

The Guild also warns against morbid newsroom behavior:

No one wants this. Pressuring friends to make certain decisions or openly speculating about whose job you might try to move into are only going to make it worse. We can’t control the economy, but we can control how we treat each other during this time.

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Dallas Morning News to launch paid content on Web, mobile

The Dallas Morning News
The Dallas Morning News will launch new iPad and iPhone apps this month in conjunction with plans to move to a paid content model in February.

Brendan Case reports that the new initiative will launch on Jan. 18, with some online and mobile content moving behind a paywall on Feb. 15.

Case writes that a subscription to The News increased to $33.95 a month on Jan. 1, and a full digital-only subscription will cost $16.95.

The A.H. Belo-owned paper will be using Press Engine software licensed from The New York Times to power its new iPad and iPhone apps.

The Press Engine software will also be used at Belo’s papers in Providence, R.I. and Riverside, Calif.

Update: An earlier version of this story indicated The Dallas Morning News iPhone app currently available in the iTunes store was new. As noted in a comment below, that may be an update of the paper’s current app. Read more