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Red & Black’s student board members get voting rights

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Two student members of The Red & Black’s board will have voting rights, the independent student newspaper at the University of Georgia announced Monday.

A conflict between the board and student journalists last year led to a weird chapter in the history of American university journalism:

1) The students walked off the job Aug. 15 after the board placed its adviser in charge of editorial content, a move the paper’s now-former publisher Harry Montevideo characterized as an “overreaction” in an interview with Poynter. Read more

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Former student editor: Print editions aren’t fundamental to college newspapers’ existence

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University of Virginia graduate Matthew Cameron wrote a thesis suggesting ways university newspapers can survive and thrive, Dan Reimold writes. Student journalists who are paid “shouldn’t expect the same compensation they did in the past,” Reimold says, nor should they fight a migration away from print.

Cameron was editor-in-chief at U.Va.’s Cavalier Daily, where “We found that people were becoming less interested in the print paper,” Cameron told Reimold.

“Then when we looked at our pick-up rates [the amount of copies grabbed from newsstands around campus], the numbers we found confirmed the papers weren’t being picked up as much as they used to.”

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Red & Black’s publisher resigns


Harry Montevideo, publisher of the University of Georgia independent student newspaper The Red & Black, has resigned, Flagpole reports.

The decision was a mutual one between Montevideo and the nonprofit’s board of directors that stemmed from financial struggles in the online world, said board member and spokesman Chuck Reese.

Montevideo was at the paper for 30 years, including last year, when students walked out and started a competing publication.

Several bizarre events followed those actions, including Montevideo reportedly scuffling with a reporter from the university’s Grady NewSource who attempted to film a meeting. Montevideo later apologized.

Most of the students returned to the paper, and two board members resigned. The paper’s board named eight new members earlier this year. Read more


Florida A&M removes editor of student paper

SPJ | Student Press Law Center | Maynard Institute
Florida A&M University asked the editor of its student paper, The Famuan, to reapply for his job – then denied him the post, Michael Koretzky reports. The university had previously delayed the planned January start of publication following a lawsuit, after which the students began to publish online.

Karl Etters told Koretzky that the paper’s adviser told him “my answer about holding the administration accountable and publishing ‘negative’ stories as she called it — which I did not say in the interview — was not in the vision of the paper.”

To me it seems like this was all a ruse to put somebody else as editor,” Etters told Sara Gregory of the Student Press Law Center. Ann Kimbrough, dean of the university’s journalism school, replied only “Thank you” in an email from SPLC requesting comment. The paper’s advisor, Kanya Stewart, didn’t reply to Koretzky. Read more


Following administrative action, Florida A&M students publish news online

Maynard Institute
Student journalists at Florida A&M University have begun publishing online after a school official ordered the school paper not to publish for a few weeks, Richard Prince reports. “We’re covering all the news that we would normally be covering,” Karl Etters, the school paper’s editor, tells Prince.

The site is called Ink and Fangs. A photo at the top of the site shows the student journalists with their hands over their mouths.

“I am thrilled about the strong support of the student journalists from Famuan alums and Famu alums,” j-school Dean Ann Kimbrough tells Prince.

Last August, students at the independent University of Georgia paper The Red & Black began publishing online after a dispute with the paper’s board.

Previously: Dean delays publication of Florida A&M student paper after lawsuit Read more


ASU student newspaper to reduce print frequency

The State Press | Downtown Devil | The Red & Black
Arizona State University student newspaper The State Press will cease printing daily next year and distribute a print edition once per week, the paper announced. “The leadership staff of the State Press is incredibly excited to announce its focus on a digital-first newsroom with a weekly print product that is twice the size of our current issues,” State Press Executive Editor Julie Vitkovskaya said in the announcement. (It’s mandatory to describe print reductions as “exciting.”)

“The truth is our students are probably not going to be asked to layout a daily print newspaper when they hit the professional world,” student media director Jason Manning told the paper.

The weekly newspaper will be distributed directly to residence halls as well as via racks. “Honestly, I feel like it’s going to be a lot of litter,” journalism major Kyra Geithman told Downtown Devil’s Miguel Otarola. Read more


Second board member resigns from Red & Black

Athens Banner-Herald | Grady NewSource
Charles Russell resigned from the board of University of Georgia student paper The Red & Black Tuesday, following the resignation of board member Ed Stamper. Russell released a statement (I have never covered a story that involved so many people issuing statements) saying “I cannot in my mind — and will not in my heart — be a party to what you are about to do as a board today.” It’s not clear what Russell is referring to, but the board announced in — what else? — a statement Monday that it had rehired the paper’s managing editor and editor. Russell was not among the board members whose name appeared at the foot of that statement.

Russell also called for Kent Middleton, the head of the university’s journalism department, to step down because he has a “conflict of interest which cannot be resolved in any other way.” Middleton had no comment for the journalism school’s news service. Read more


University of Georgia paper The Red & Black rehires editor, managing editor

The Red & Black
Polina Marinova and Julia Carpenter have regained their jobs as editor-in-chief and managing editor, respectively, of University of Georgia newspaper The Red & Black. The newspaper reported the rehires in a statement from students and the paper’s board, which is independent of the university. Marinova and other staffers walked off the job at the student paper in a dispute over editorial autonomy last week.

The students who walked out were successful in getting a board member ousted and guaranteeing no prior review of their work. In a tweet, they said they’d achieved another goal, student presence on the board. They also apologized for leaving their posts:

As journalists, it went against our instinct and training to walk out of a newsroom on deadline. We extend an apology to those who were adversely affected.

Marinova and Carpenter said on Sunday that they planned to reapply for their jobs. Read more


Publisher of University of Georgia student newspaper apologizes for scuffle with reporter

Grady Newsource | Online Athens
Harry Montevideo, publisher of the Red and Black newspaper at the University of Georgia, issued a written apology to Grady Newsource reporter Joshua Buce, whom he physically forced to stop filming an event on Friday. Buce had come to cover an “open house” at the paper’s office, aimed at recruiting new staff to replace those who quit this week in protest of heavy-handed intervention by a board member who has since resigned. “I felt strongly then, as I do now, it was inappropriate and unfair to the students to have the media cover that event,” Montevideo wrote. However, “as the senior adult and professional, it was my responsibility to handle it differently and I regret that I did not do that.” Buce is considering whether to press charges against Montevideo, who had been rather unapologetic in an earlier explanation of the incident to Gawker. Read more


Board member of University of Georgia paper steps down after call for resignation

Ed Stamper has resigned from the board of the University of Georgia’s student newspaper, The Red & Black, following a dispute about the paper’s independence. At a meeting Thursday, student journalists had called for his resignation.

Stamper had written a now-famous memo about the paper’s future. In his apology, which was read at a meeting Friday and which Poynter obtained a copy of, he said:

I sincerely apologize for all the embarrassment these documents have caused. I am also terribly saddened by the resulting misunderstanding and [its] impact on The Red and Black and its loyal, talented staff members. It is personally embarrassing to have the public see a document to I gave little thought and so carelessly worded.

The board, which is independent from the university, also apologized and promised the students editorial autonomy:

The student editor has always had the final editorial decision responsibility for our news content.

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