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Daily Telegraph to remove desk sensors after outcry

London's Daily Telegraph has bowed to pressure from staffers, announcing it plans to remove controversial desk sensors that tracked when the newspaper's staffers were sitting at their desks. The sensors, pitched as an initiative to conserve energy but derided as an invasive attempt to keep journalists in check, were announced and abandoned by management and in a matter of … Read More

Meerkat vs. Periscope: What are the tech journos saying?

Yahoo Tech | Re/code | Engadget | The Telegraph | Time | | BGR When Twitter launched its its new live-streaming video app Periscope on Thursday -- the same day that its rival Meerkat announced $14 million in new funding -- tech journos immediately scrambled to size the two up head-to-head, for … Read More

The Telegraph soft-balled bank to save advertising contract, former staffer says

Our Kingdom | Al Jazeera Peter Oborne, formerly chief political commentator for the Daily Telegraph, has resigned from the paper, claiming that it went easy on a multinational bank in an effort to win back an advertising contract. In a lengthy post published to, Oborne details a history of lickspittle coverage he says was caused … Read More

Russian 'law on bloggers' takes effect today

Hello there. Sorry this isn't Beaujon. Here are 10 or so media stories. Happy Friday! Russian blogger law goes into effect: It could crack down on free expression, Alec Luhn explains: "Popularly known as the 'law on bloggers,' the legislation requires users of any website whose posts are read by more than 3,000 people each day to publish under … Read More