The Tuscaloosa News

This photo by Dusty Compton landed on the front page of newspapers across the country.

How The Tuscaloosa News’ post-tornado tweeting helped bring home a Pulitzer Prize

When the Pulitzer Prize Board announced last year it would emphasize real-time reporting for the Breaking News category starting in 2012, some speculated whether we would someday see a Pulitzer Prize for tweeting.

As it turns out, this year’s winner came pretty close.

A few of the tweets sent by The Tuscaloosa News and its reporters following the tornado.

The prize for Breaking News went to a small newspaper that combined old-fashioned field reporting with a new tool, Twitter, after a tornado devastated swaths of Tuscaloosa, Ala., on April 27, 2011.

The storm knocked out power, and for a couple days The Tuscaloosa News relied on backup generators that could power only a handful of newsroom computers. Phone lines were dead and cell towers were jammed. Read more


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