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Verge employee worked at Apple for months but didn't tell his editors

Chris Ziegler, a former founding editor at The Verge, was employed at Apple this summer while he worked for the tech and culture website, Verge Editor-in-Chief Nilay Patel announced in an open letter Friday. Being employed at a company your newsroom covers regularly represents a clear conflict of interest, but Patel says Verge parent company Vox Media has undertaken … Read More

Why the Kleiner Perkins sex-bias trial is an important story for women reporters

Interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao’s gender-discrimination trial against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers LLP, wrapping up in a San Francisco courtroom next week, could wind up being a landmark case for women in male-dominated Silicon Valley. Given the remarkable number of women in the courtroom’s press gallery, it could wind up being an important case … Read More

Bill Gates will be guest editor of The Verge in February

Microsoft founder Bill Gates will be the first guest editor of The Verge, according to a release from the technology site. In February, Gates will work with Verge staffers to "develop weekly content features" that correspond to major issues outlined in the 2015 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation annual letter, including health, education, food and banking. He will also … Read More

For Hack Week, The Verge merges product and editorial — and publishes a lot of quizzes

The Verge posted some offbeat stuff during its anything-goes Hack Week last week: a timeline of Gordon Ramsay's epicurean empire, a history of metaphors for the internet, a list of the top 10 videos featuring Nilay Patel, editor-in-chief. “I was expecting traffic to crater,” Patel said. But pageviews actually jumped 11 percent from the previous week. More … Read More
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