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How taxonomies help news organizations understand and categorize their content

News organizations such as the Associated Press, The New York Times and Thomson Reuters are teaching computers to categorize text and images by building robust taxonomies that their systems use to tag news content.

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Reuters’ Anthony De Rosa will be Circa’s EIC

Circa Blog | PaidContent | Talking Biz News
Reuters Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa will become editor-in-chief of Circa, the company announced Tuesday. Circa is a mobile news app that aims to present news "without the fluff, filler, or commentary."

"There’s a huge opportunity to present news in a way that’s made for mobile," De Rosa said in the company's announcement. He told Mathew Ingram "he will be adding some new elements to Circa’s news repertoire — including a possible move into more traditional reporting." (more...)

Matthew Keys: Reuters ‘was looking for a reason to dispose of me’

Matthew Keys | CJR | Politico | Twitchy | The Atlantic Wire
Matthew Keys writes that Reuters gave him several reasons for dismissing him, including the fact that he tweeted information he'd heard over police scanners during the manhunt for the Boston bombings suspects. Keys tweeted on Monday that the news service had let him go.

"I’ve stated before I was unaware of several media reports sourcing law enforcement regarding scanner traffic," Keys writes. "As soon as I learned about the reports, I erred on the side of caution and stopped tweeting information heard over the scanner." He continues:

It’s unclear if any law enforcement official or agency reached out to Reuters to make the same request reported by other news organizations, but Reuters has made it clear that it does not need to independently reach out to law enforcement before complying with a request — if CBS News reports it, that’s good enough for Reuters.

Reuters fires Matthew Keys

Matthew Keys | Politico
Reuters Deputy Social Media Editor Matthew Keys tweeted on Monday that the news service had let him go. Reuters confirmed to Politico that Keys is "no longer with the company."


Keys was indicted last month and charged with helping the hacking group Anonymous gain access to and alter a Tribune Co. website. Reuters suspended him the next day.
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Reuters suspends Matthew Keys

The Huffington Post | Reuters | Los Angeles Times
Reuters suspended Deputy Social Media Editor Matthew Keys, who was indicted Thursday for allegedly helping hackers deface Tribune Co. websites. Keys took to Twitter Thursday night:  

Reuters earlier reported that "a Thomson Reuters employee at the New York office where Keys worked said that his work station was being dismantled and that his security pass had been deactivated."

The employee is not named. (more...)

Buffett, Newhouses, Murdoch on Forbes list of billionaires

Si Newhouse's net worth is $8.1 billion and his brother Donald is worth $7.3 billion, Forbes estimates in its new list of world billionaires. Both mens' wallets have thickened, at least by Forbes' count, since September, when it said they were worth $7.4 billion and $6.6 billion, respectively. The Newhouses owns Advance Publications, which recently laid off more than a thousand journalists and reduced print publication schedules to three days a week at several of its newspapers.

Other media fat cats, according to the list: Brad Kelley, the cigarette billionaire who Rafat Ali reported Monday is buying Lonely Planet from the BBC, is No. 792.

The story behind that Reuters storm photo featured on four major front pages

Brian Snyder had no idea his storm photo appeared on the front pages of four major newspapers this weekend until people started sending him links about it, he said by phone Sunday afternoon.
These four papers (and a few more) featured Snyder's photo on Saturday's front page.
A senior photographer for Thomson Reuters, Snyder has covered five presidential campaigns, the Super Bowl, and most recently a snowball fight between students at Harvard and MIT. (more...)
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Thomson Reuters employees OK new contract

Romenesko Misc.
The three-year contract, which passed 252 to 68, includes a guaranteed 1.5 percent increase in each of its three years. The company had previously insisted that most or all raises be awarded solely at its discretion. (more...)

Impoco named Thomson Reuters Digital executive editor

Editor-in-chief Steve Adler's memo on the appointment says "Jim Impoco, whose reinvention of The New York Times Sunday Business section won acclaim, will apply the same skills to building readership at as well as on new digital platforms." (more...)