Tim Franklin


Poynter president outlines new strategic direction

Tim Franklin, Poynter's president.Since February, a screen in the Great Hall at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida, sped through seconds, clicked through minutes, rolled through hours and scrolled through days. The countdown began on February 10 and marked the start of 100 days that Poynter's new president, Tim Franklin, gave himself before offering a new vision for the institute. On May 14, with less than a week to go, Franklin stopped the clock and presented faculty and staff with his report (you can download the document here; it's also embedded at the bottom of this story). From the introduction: We will change how we work, where we work and how we financially support our work. We will move with urgency and an entrepreneurial spirit to meet this challenge. That includes more teaching internationally, a new website, an online laboratory, custom teaching, and new opportunities for revenue, including the possibility of sharing Poynter's St. Petersburg headquarters with tenants. "Before Tim arrived, I think we looked at things as either/or," said Jesse Perez, Poynter's director of business and finance, in an interview. "We either had to cut expenses or grow revenue." Franklin's vision, however, points to potential ways to grow Poynter, both in revenue and in mission. The report lays out plans for Poynter's future after several years of financial struggle. "The fate of Poynter has always been tied to the health of the news industry and the old economic model that supported it," Roy Peter Clark, Poynter's vice president, said in an interview. That old model is obviously crumbling, he said, "and the journalism that Poynter was created to support is under tremendous stress." But there's a sense here now of new vision, he said, of growth, "of a new level of influence on new forms of journalism based on new economic models." From the report: We should move boldly and confidently, and with a profound sense of urgency. In times of historic change, the losers are those who don’t transform. Just ask BlackBerry. Photo by Kristen Hare Read More

New Poynter president discusses his vision for the institute

New Poynter President Tim Franklin speaks at an institute reception Thursday night. (Ren LaForme/Poynter) With 49 days left in a self-imposed 100-day deadline to institute progress as Poynter's new president, Tim Franklin offered a glimpse Thursday night at elements of his strategic plan, including an international fact-checking summit scheduled in London this summer. Speaking at a Poynter … Read More