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10 ways to create more time to do the work you want

Hundreds of books have been written about how to save time. Fact is, saving time is not the leader’s goal — effectiveness is the objective. And we can become more effective if we make better choices about the way we spend the time we have available to us.

To make the best use of this list, first do one simple exercise: write, in no more than a sentence or two, the role you are responsible for carrying out. Not the activities you engage in, but the role for which you are held responsible. For example, “I am responsible for providing my viewers with the best local report available in my market.”

Now, understand that the key to effectiveness is being able to spend your time only on activities that directly contribute to carrying out your role. Read more

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What Great Bosses Know about 6 tips for new managers

Following their promotions, new managers often experience a curious combination of feelings: pride and panic. Sound familiar?

The pride comes from being recognized as a high performer. You’ve been told you are someone with the potential to help an organization’s product and people improve. The panic comes from another message: a phantom voice in your head that whispers: “This is the day they find out you’re really not qualified for this job.”

You fear that the phantom voice may have a point. After all, you were probably dropped into management with no special training. Yet, each day you’re asked to solve supervisory problems that are often surprising but rarely simple.

That’s why it’s helpful to listen to a few other voices — veteran managers who have walked in your shoes. Read more