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What Brian Williams said and what he should have said

Screen capture from the Today Show.Brian Williams' attempt to explain himself to the Today Show's Matt Lauer didn't explain anything.  And one reason his mea culpa rang hollow is because Williams did what children and criminals do; he used passive verbs when he should have used active verbs. Williams said: "I would like to take this opportunity … Read More

The big question in the Brian Williams-Matt Lauer interview

Screengrab from Brian Williams-Matt Lauer interview. Does Brian Williams think he lied? And does it matter? His previously taped, firm-but-friendly Friday morning "Today" interview with Matt Lauer in part turned on a differentiation that some might see as revealing. When asked if he realized he was lying while telling viewers his Iraq helicopter story, he responded, "Looking … Read More

In defense of Matt Lauer: 'Today' will be hurt if he leaves

For me, reports of a phone call to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper about taking Matt Lauer’s place on NBC’s "Today" show were the last, silly straw. Lauer in March. (AP Photo/Richard Drew) Much as I respect Cooper (and his ability to vault from trading quips with Kathy Griffin on New Year’s Eve to covering natural disasters overseas), the notion that he might replace Lauer seemed to defy logic. Cooper’s syndicated daytime show was canceled due to disappointing ratings and his well-regarded prime time CNN show "Anderson Cooper 360" still struggles against Fox News Channel star Bill O’Reilly and whoever may be hosting MSNBC’s 8 p.m. hour (Chris Hayes, as of Monday). Troubled as Lauer may be, he is still the biggest star on a program that’s earned about six times the viewers Cooper generated at 8 p.m. on CNN in February sweeps. So why would Cooper be a logical successor? Read More