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One reporter's journey to Cuba and how to get the story

Flag and fins - Harrison reporting from Cuba. (Photo by Carlos Harrison)The announcement came as a total surprise. The United States and Cuba would normalize diplomatic relations, ending their half-century-old Cold War stalemate. It was a big story. Even bigger in South Florida. They don’t call it Little Havana for nothing. As a Miami-based freelancer I knew that all … Read More

No-knock policy bars TV station staff from rapping on crime suspects' doors

A Houston television station is telling its staff not to knock on the doors of crime suspects. The station issued a memo saying it is too big a risk to journalists’ safety, but others see the move as a way for stations to protect themselves legally. And the president of the Society of Professional Journalists says such a broad order … Read More

NBC correspondent Kerry Sanders injured by broken TV light

NBC correspondent Kerry Sanders said in a Twitter post Thursday that he suffered serious eye injuries while covering the Michael Dunn trial in Jacksonville, Fla., in February. If you're a TV reporter who stands in front of a camera, take my experience as a warning. @NBCNews — Kerry Sanders (@KerryNBC) March 6, 2014   … Read More

Conan's comedy bit hints at serious issues for local TV news

Just before the holidays, late-night comedian Conan O’Brien poked a little fun at local TV newscasts. In doing so, he illustrated some serious issues about the compromises journalists make in understaffed newsrooms. O’Brien strung together clips of two dozen local news anchors reading an identical story – a consumer report about the supposed trend of holiday “self gifting.” The … Read More