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Pew: TV is ‘the dominant way that Americans get news at home’

Pew Research Center

American adults continue to watch TV more than any other news source at home, with the highest percentage watching local news, the Pew Research Center reported Friday.

In a study of Nielsen data covering February 2013, researchers found 71 percent of U.S. adults had watched local newscasts and 65 percent watched network news over the span of the month. And while only 38 percent of adults watched cable news, those viewers spent twice as much time doing so than viewers of local or network broadcasts.

The Nielsen data, specially prepared for the Pew study, is based on the rating service’s panel of metered homes during the important February “sweeps” period. The findings are similar to that reported in previous Pew studies showing television remains the most popular platform for Americans consuming the news.… Read more


KTVU talks with AAJA about its plans to prevent future errors & increase station’s diversity

Asian American Journalists Association | TVSpy | The Huffington Post

The Asian American Journalists Association has published important highlights from its recent meeting with KTVU.

AAJA leaders met last Friday with KTVU News Director Lee Rosenthal, Vice President & General Manager Tom Raponi, staff reporter Amber Lee, and Rosy Chu, director of community affairs and public service to discuss KTVU’s error. Earlier this month, the station incorrectly named the pilots of Asiana Flight 214. The names were offensive and caused AAJA and others to react.

AAJA’s Bobby Calvan explained what came of the meeting:

  • Raponi suggested a quarterly meeting between AAJA and newsroom leaders to discuss ongoing coverage and diversity issues. We will set up the first session soon, with our San Francisco Bay Area Chapter taking the lead.
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San Francisco Airliner Crash

What KTVU-TV did right after its slip-up

It has been great sport all weekend for media critics to excoriate KTVU-TV in Oakland. There’s no denying KTVU made a big mistake. But when admitting to its mistakes, the station took an approach that other journalists should replicate.

Friday, KTVU aired the names of what it believed were pilots involved in the Asiana Airlines crash. The names were fake, offensive puns that slur Asians and insult victims.  KTVU did not say where the names originated but did say it confirmed the names with the National Transportation Safety Board. The NTSB later apologized and said a summer intern had confirmed the names.

Today, KTVU News Director Lee Rosenthal (whom I’ve known for several years) told me the station cannot say more about the incident because Asiana Airlines says it plans to sue the station for harming its reputation.… Read more


Cablevision shuts down Newsday Westchester

The Wrap | The Journal News

Cablevision closed Newsday’s digital-only Westchester operation Wednesday, Sara Morrison and Tony Maglio report.

Though Cablevision will not disclose how many employees were laid off, an individual with knowledge of Newsday’s plans told TheWrap that the layoffs will affect “a reasonably small” number of people. Another insider estimated the number may be close to 25.

The news org “launched in the spring of 2012 in an effort to compete with The Journal News and in the Lower Hudson Valley,” The Journal News reports in an unbylined article. “Editors, reporters and photographers for the organization covered local news in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange and Dutchess counties.” News 12, with which the Westchester operation partnered, and Newsday itself “will continue to operate,” The Journal News reports.… Read more


Knight grants $1 million to expand library of TV news broadcasts

Knight Foundation 

The Knight Foundation has given $1 million to the Internet Archive so it can expand its TV News Search & Borrow project, a library of television news broadcasts.

The expansion will help Internet Archive make the library more searchable and increase the content available to historians, journalists, documentarians and others who use the service.

“One of the things that we’re going to be putting the Knight funding towards is really looking at this interface,” Roger Macdonald, director of the Search & Borrow project, said by phone. The improvements will “make it easier for people to do what has been a fairly novel thing.”… Read more


TV station fires anchor who swore on air

CBS News

A North Dakota TV station has fired an anchor who swore during his inaugural anchor desk broadcast Sunday night.

A.J. Clemente was being introduced by co-anchor Van Tieu when he swore audibly during the 5 p.m. edition of the KFYR-TV news in Bismarck. He then stumbled through an introduction while trying to recover from his flub.

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ABC, CBS and other networks take second swing at Aereo

The Wrap | New York Times

Aereo’s honeymoon is over, as broadcast networks re-filed their petitions for an injunction this morning.

As The Wrap reports, ABC, CBS, NBC Universal and Fox Television Stations are among the parties who have asked judges to reconsider the 2nd Circuit District Appeals Court’s decision from earlier this month. The decision came down in favor of Aereo, whom the court ruled was not in violation of copyright law.

The networks’ complaints stem from Aereo’s business model. Aereo provides a live stream of broadcast television to its subscribers via a live Internet feed. The court’s ruling hinged on the fact that Aereo uses an individual antenna for each subscriber; the judges in a 2-1 decision said this constituted a “private” rather than “public” performance, which meant Aereo is in the clear.… Read more


Milwaukee TV station pulls video of reporter doing the Dougie at scene of fatal house fire

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A Milwaukee TV station’s promotional video of morning show personalities doing the Dougie has been yanked from the station’s website.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Duane Dudek noted that one reporter recorded her portion while on assignment at a fatal house fire. He said the video, featuring WITI-TV’s Angelica Duria performing the hip-hop dance near a news van, was shot while she was a half a block from a fire that killed three children.

The video, which had the cutline “The Fox 6 WakeUp Crew has a blast doing the Dougie,” also showcased reporter Laura Langemo and anchors Kim Murphy and Shawn Patrick, Dudek wrote. The separate segments were edited together and posted on the station’s Facebook page and website Friday. Duria had just finished a morning segment on the fire that day, and recorded her portion on the scene afterward.… Read more

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Chris Hayes on why ‘diversity … benefits the product’

Columbia Journalism Review | TVNewser | Media Matters

MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes acknowledges that the lack of diversity in the media is a problem. Instead of just talking about it, though, he’s doing something about it.

His weekend morning show “Up with Chris Hayes” has been praised in recent weeks for being “a beacon of diversity.” Hayes, who is about to move into prime-time, tells Columbia Journalism Review’s Ann Friedman that he and the show’s producers rely on quotas and spend a lot of time discussing the diversity of the show’s guests.

“We just would look at the board and say, ‘We already have too many white men. We can’t have more.’ Really, that was it … Always, constantly just counting,” Hayes tells Friedman.

He has tried to look at diversity from a racial and gender standpoint.… Read more

Matt Lauer

‘Today Show’ narrative grows more complicated with New York Magazine piece

If this is one of the first steps in rehabbing “Today Show” star Matt Lauer’s image, he’s in for a long, tough road ahead.

That’s the thought I had after reading New York magazine’s detailed look at the Today show, featuring an exhaustive account of the machinations behind the awkward, embarrassing replacement of former co-anchor Ann Curry last year and a tough assessment of how it may have affected Lauer’s future fortunes.

Featuring a group interview with the program’s four top anchors and lots of information gathered from unnamed sources, reporter Joe Hagan paints an account filled with telling details, sharp observations and money quotes.

“They were incredibly lucky to have stabbed in the back somebody who wasn’t in the least vindictive and had the interest of the Today show at heart,” said Pulitzer-winning New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, described as a close friend of Curry’s, in the story.… Read more

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