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Milwaukee TV station pulls video of reporter doing the Dougie at scene of fatal house fire

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel A Milwaukee TV station's promotional video of morning show personalities doing the Dougie has been yanked from the station's website. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Duane Dudek noted that one reporter recorded her portion while on assignment at a fatal house fire. He said the video, featuring WITI-TV's Angelica Duria performing the hip-hop dance near a news van, was shot while she was a half a block from a fire that killed three children. The video, which had the cutline “The Fox 6 WakeUp Crew has a blast doing the Dougie,” also showcased reporter Laura Langemo and anchors Kim Murphy and Shawn Patrick, Dudek wrote. The separate segments were edited together and posted on the station's Facebook page and website Friday. Duria had just finished a morning segment on the fire that day, and recorded her portion on the scene afterward. Duria was apparently listening to music through an earpiece, and was recorded by her station camera operator. Read More