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In Te’o interview, Couric shows value of follow-up questions

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Did Manti Te’o make a good damage-control decision when he decided to give his first big post-non-dead-girlfriend interview to Katie Couric? Far from it.

Christina Ng writes that Couric (who shares the same spokeperson as Te’o)¬†found parts of Te’o’s story a little hard to swallow. Read more


TV reporter unperturbed by cockroach crawling on him during live shot

NBC4 reporter Robert Kovacik somehow didn’t completely lose his mind when a large cockroach raced across his shoulders while he reported about unsolved homicides possibly linked to the Manson Family.

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How a KSTP-TV story triggered Minnesota’s largest defamation award

City Pages
Minneapolis-St. Paul television reporter Jennifer Griswold had a hot story in early 2009: Cheryl Blaha had come to the station claiming that Susan Anderson, a naturopath, had told her to get off an anti-anxiety drug, which led Blaha to threaten suicide. Griswold stormed onto Anderson’s ranch, camera in tow, demanding answers. Anderson told the reporter she couldn’t talk about her former patient unless she signed a waiver. The station began airing promos for the story and interviewed Anderson hours before the broadcast, and only after a lawyer friend protested. And, as it turned out, Blaha’s story wasn’t supported by her medical records.

Last November, a jury¬†awarded Anderson $1 million, the largest defamation judgment in Minnesota history. City Pages’ Gregory Pratt lays out how the station earned that distinction, including Blaha’s bizarre deposition¬†and Griswold’s testimony that the story was accurate. Read more