Why NPR spent Super Bowl 50 tweeting football haikus

Super Bowl 50:From start to end — in haiku.Want to play along? Just use #SuperBowlHaiku — NPR (@NPR) February 7, 2016 If you kept an eye on your second screen last night during Super Bowl 50, at some point, a haiku or two might have crossed your Twitter stream. Read More

Here are some short tweets about Twitter's plans for long tweets

On Tuesday morning, we shared a story from re/code about the possibility that Twitter could turn tweets into short stories. Watching our readers' terse responses on Twitter was pretty delightful, so we thought we'd share. Enjoy. Twitter considering 10,000-character limit for tweets: — Poynter (@Poynter) January 5, 2016 … Read More

Twitter: Curators are not reporters

Today, Twitter announced that its team of curators for its Moments feature do not qualify as journalists. (AP Photo) Twitter | TechCrunch Twitter does not consider the staffers responsible for maintaining the company's new curation feature to be reporters, the social network announced Tuesday in a list of rules and regulations governing the product. The guidelines, which … Read More

The L.A. Times had some fun with social cards at last night's debate

After the last GOP debate, we spoke with The Washington Post about its decision to use social cards to illustrate some notable zingers from the candidates. Last night, the Los Angeles Times brought its own social card game to Twitter. Alexandra Manzano, director of audience engagement, said the Times hoped to do these during the last debate … Read More

Twitter kills sites that showed politicians' deleted tweets

The Sunlight Foundation | The Verge Earlier this year, Twitter quietly shut down Politwoops, the website created by The Sunlight Foundation that archived deleted tweets from U.S. politicians. Citing "the expectation of user privacy," the social media service cut off its access to Twitter's API, essentially rendering Politwoops useless. The Washington Post's Philip Bump was among the … Read More

Journalists offer tips on enduring — and learning from —  storms of Twitter rage

Sooner or later, if they're doing their jobs right, most journalists write something that makes somebody very, very angry. That's what happened Tuesday, when Tinder, like a jilted lover, tweeted out a social media screed in response to Nancy Jo Sales' new article for Vanity Fair, a searing indictment of hookup culture. Tinder's rant careened wildly from smug to … Read More

Fake Bloomberg story has Twitter mulling $31 billion takeover offer, hikes share price

It was total baloney, even if somebody probably made money off the baloney. There was an Internet kerfuffle Tuesday with what purported to be a Bloomberg News story about Twitter mulling a big purchase offer. It looked like a Bloomberg tale (though some cognoscenti did instantly discern some stylistic mistakes) but quickly inspired a formal, real Bloomberg tweet that … Read More

Eric Zuckerman named news partnerships manager at Twitter

Eric Zuckerman, formerly director of video and broadcast sites at NBC News, has joined Twitter as the social media service's partnerships manager for broadcast news, he announced Monday. At Twitter, Zuckerman joins Niketa Patel, who was recently hired from Women in the World to manage news partnerships for the social media organization. Together, they fill a void left by … Read More

Does the rise of ephemeral content spell the death of archives?

As news sites negotiate with Facebook to publish material directly on the platform, Facebook’s role in determining what news to surface, what news to censor, and how original content published on the platform is archived should be examined more closely. Trevor Timm tackled the first two points nicely in a Columbia Journalism Review editorial. I’m equally concerned about the … Read More

Report: Journalists are largest, most active verified group on Twitter

Medium Journalists make up the largest category of Twitter's verified users, according to a report from Triggertrap CEO Haje Jan Kamps published on Medium Monday. The report, which is based on a sample of 15,000 verified Twitter accounts, shows that journalists make up nearly a quarter (24.6 percent) of the service's authenticated users. The next-largest category is sports … Read More

White House reporters stampede to follow @POTUS

White House reporters, who get frustrated tracking the physical presence of President Barack Obama, were rushing Monday to follow him on his newly announced Twitter account. Hello, Twitter! It's Barack. Really! Six years in, they're finally giving me my own account. — President Obama (@POTUS) May 18, 2015 The White House communications army is … Read More

ESPN asks Adam Schefter to take a Twitter holiday during the NFL draft

Adam Schefter’s lifeline is Twitter. And it is quite a lifeline. The NFL reporter for ESPN has 3.73 million Twitter followers. They receive NFL tweets from Schefter early and often on most days. Twitter is a big reason why Schefter carries two cell phones with him. “There are a lot of times when I’m getting news from someone … Read More

'Investigative reporting is obviously alive and well' and other observations from first-time Pulitzer jurors

Pulitzer Medals. (Photo from Columbia University) This year, several first-time Pulitzer Prize jurors came from online news organizations and platforms, including Quartz, Twitter, Trove, The Marshall Project and The Texas Tribune. I spoke with three of them about their experiences judging the Pulitzers. They can't talk in specifics about entries, but they did talk about what the Pulitzers … Read More