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USN&WR: No plans to change college rankings formula
Robert Morse, who oversees the rankings for U.S. News, said Friday said at a session of the annual meeting of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) that the magazine appreciates the association’s examination of USN&WR college rankings [PDF] but it won’t make substantial changes from its formula because of the NACAC report, which took about two years to compile. “Officials from U.S. News worked closely with the committee throughout the process, a relationship that has bothered some rank-and-file members of the association,” writes Kevin Kiley. He adds:

At previous admissions meetings, sessions about the rankings typically filled rooms and created strong debate. Counselors and college admissions officials noted that it was unusual that the session Friday was only about one-third full. Some members of the audience said the sparse attendance indicated admissions officials’ fatigue regarding the rankings debate.

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