Upworthy made a push into original video, and you'll totally believe what happened next

A screenshot from one of Upworthy's original videos, "Why I Paint My Daughter's Nails," which has been viewed millions of times. It's hard to watch this video of Nathan Bond painting his daughter's nails without getting a little bit choked up. As soft acoustic guitar jangles in the background, the single father explains matter-of-factly that he and his 6-year-old … Read More

Media must pay for South Carolina police shooting video

The New York Times reports that an Australian based "publicity and celebrity management company" representing Feidin Santana, is sending cease-and-desist letters to media outlets demanding they pay for the use of the video Santana captured. That video shows a North Charleston police officer shooting an unarmed man, Walter Scott in the back as … Read More

Cell Sets Fire to Pillow, Story Sets Fire to TV Station Website

A news report about a small fire with no injuries took the internet by storm last week. The question is why. The story is about a Dallas area teen who says her cellphone caught fire beneath her pillow as she slept The teen went to sleep with her Samsung Galaxy S4 under her pillow and awoke to a smouldering mess, … Read More

Hyperbolic to sensitive, how news outlets treated dramatic car crash video

The 55-second cell-phone video of an SUV going the wrong way on the Interstate, smashing into a sedan and exploding into a fiery ball that killed five people quickly sky-rocketed to one of the most viewed videos ever on the Tampa Bay Times’ website. It’s also a case study to examine how different newsrooms treat difficult content. The Tampa Bay Times, which Poynter owns, ran the whole video, unedited, along with the sound. The Tampa Tribune ran the video without the sound. WTSP and WFLA used small portions of the video in a package, but then stopped using it, as did Fox 13. ABC Action News used a tight clip of the video in two packages. Bay News 9 ran the video but truncated it before the crash. Read More

What you can learn about video storytelling from the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial

I often use commercials as ways to teach journalists how to write compelling stories. Budweiser's "Puppy Love" Super Bowl commercial gives me one of the best examples of video storytelling that I have seen in years. So let me walk you frame-by-frame through the ad. The story teaches us how to build tension, how to use the "rule of … Read More

KPCC's AudioVision series feels like TV on the radio and vice-versa

A new pilot video series by KPCC in Southern California aims to marry video with the distinct voice of public radio. The neat effect while playing "The Whale Warehouse," the debut video on KPCC's AudioVision site: Close your eyes and you might feel as if you were listening to a made-for-radio piece. With the exception of a few spots in the video — like when co-host Mae Ryan tells viewers they might want to fast-forward if they get queasy looking at blood — the audio could stand alone. That's how tight the narration is, and one reason an AudioVision story takes many days to produce. KPCC visual journalist Grant Slater told Poynter via phone that AudioVision takes inspiration from Radiolab and NPR. But their video stories are done on a one-off basis, Slater said, so the goal with AudioVision is to serialize the TV on the radio — or radio on the TV — similar to what Vice Media, PBS Off Book and the New York Times' Op-Docs properties have achieved. Read More