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Village Voice parent company will explore sale of papers

Voice Media Group | OC Weekly

Voice Media Group has hired merger-and-acquisition firm Dirks, Van Essen & Murray to help it determine what it calls “new strategies for its publishing assets,” which is the typical language used when companies put their papers up for sale.

Voice Media Group publishes The Village Voice, LA Weekly and The Riverfront Times, among other papers.

The firm will begin “immediately considering options” at the OC weekly, according to the announcement. Those options could include a sale or some sort of partnership opportunity.

Voice Media Group acquired the Village Voice and its properties in 2012, in a transaction with Village Voice Media.

Gustavo Arellano, editor of OC Weekly, writes that interested buyers stand to gain “a motivated band of misfits,” and adds that the paper takes payment in “in pho, pesos, dollars and I think Bitcoin.”

Here’s the announcement:

Santa Fe, NM – January 27, 2015 – Voice Media Group has engaged Dirks, Van Essen & Murray and its subsidiary CAL DVM to explore new strategies for its publishing assets, including the sale or acquisition of alternative publications and other digital businesses.

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Tom Finkel will edit The Village Voice

Riverfront Times Editor Tom Finkel will take over the top spot at the New York alt-weekly this summer, a press release says. The Voice’s previous editor, Will Bourne, resigned in May, telling The New York Times’ David Carr the paper’s owners had told him and another editor “to lay off, or drastically reduce the roles of, five employees on the 20-person staff.”

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Morning media roundup: Awaiting Philadelphia Media sale; men in suits discuss media

• The news everyone is waiting for: the sale of Philadelphia Media Network, which could happen today. Inquirer reporter Paul Nussbaum reported Thursday on an insurance payback deal orchestrated by George Norcross, one of the investors that may buy the company. He told Amy Chozick and David Carr that the possible sale “won’t change the way I do my job.” Well, “it could change my job, I guess. I could end up as greeter at Walmart next week.”

• Dudes in suits discuss media: That happened Thursday, as Ken Auletta, Walter Isaacson and Marcus Brauchli appeared at an Aspen Institute event called The Future of Content 2020. Here’s a video. Part of my job is blogging about the future of content, so I watched only as far as Brauchli talking about the future of a new Washington Post product called Personal Post: “Ideally what we’d like to be able to do is give people who are interested in that, a front page of content that they’re most likely to be interested in based on their past habits or what they’ve told us they’re interested in or, including, what their friends are interested in.” I’m sure some nuggets from this thing will pop out today. Read more


Village Voice responds to religious leaders’ complaints about

Seattle Times | | Groundswell Movement

Dozen of religious leaders are calling on Village Voice Media to stop taking adult ads on, because of child-sex trafficking that police link to the classifieds. In a full-page ad in Tuesday’s New York Times, the “moral and religious leaders of many creeds and backgrounds” tell Village Voice’s board members and CEO that “we trust that your company shares our outrage over the sex trafficking of minors. While we empathize with your business challenges and the increasingly difficult marketplace in which Village Voice Media competes, we trust that you are committed to running your business without compromising the lives of our nation’s girls and boys.” Village Voice Media says in its response:

The religious coalition demanded that we close down our legal, adult classifieds.

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