Visual journalism

How to write great captions for your photos

National Geographic magazine's Managing Editor David Brindley stopped by Poynter last week to give a Webinar on Writing Effective Photo Captions. Given the recent eye tracking study that showed people spend a lot of time reading photo captions, we asked Brindley to give us his top tips. (A video of this conversation is below.) … Read More

'The audience is going to demand it': Why good visuals matter

Kainaz Amaria and Imaeyen Ibanga are the type of extroverted, vibrant people who can win over a room within minutes. But they find it frustrating when they and their visual colleagues aren’t included in the room at all, especially as editorial decisions are being made. Amaria, NPR's picture editor, and Ibanga, a multi-platform producer at NBC News, were both part … Read More

Photojournalism ethics needs a reexamination

The latest in the world of photojournalism contest ethics and photo sleuthing took another turn yesterday with World Press Photos’ rescinding a first-place award after disqualifying 22 percent of the entries that had made the penultimate round. Amid controversy, World Press Photo announced yesterday that based on its investigation, it is withdrawing the controversial “Dark Heart of Europe” award … Read More

As photos flood our screens, which ones hold our attention?

During a week when millions of viewers/readers keenly search internet screen, mobile devices and publication pages for photographic images of a botched Super Bowl XLIX pass, an encaged Jordanian ISIS hostage and a tragic Taiwanese TransAsia Airways flight 235, the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) released some pretty revealing findings of their own. The question the study … Read More

Tips for Storytellers: Creating an online portfolio

The key to getting a great job or internship is showing what you can do. An online portfolio is the new norm for a crucial first impression. Here are a few ideas, part of a series of graphics with tips for storytellers. Next Friday: How to sharpen your personal brand with social media. Poynter Quinn-fo-graphics: Tips … Read More

Why rainbow colors aren't the best option for data visualizations

Data visualizations are beautiful, exciting ways to tell stories. But you have to choose carefully in designing a map or chart, and one of the biggest mistakes is misusing rainbow colors. Rainbow color schemes -- also called spectral color schemes -- are frequent choices for visualizing data, both because they look bold and exciting and because they're the default for … Read More